Just joined

Hi, Thank you for allowing me to join.
I've noticed that the PD people I have met are all friendly and positive, very encouraging.

I am running my own firm in H&S and have a big family after 42 years of marriage so I don't get to the Parkinson group meetings very often, so I'm looking forward to being part of the forum.

I'm soon to try PD Warrior and Mindfulness.

I have had 4 years of treatment from my wife who is a qualified medical herbalist, and this has helped alleviate a lot of symptoms. Last year I made the transition to a Levadopa med which was a big step for me, but the outcome has been almost completely positive.

Enough now I have to get back to work (crazy on a Sunday) but that is what puts the bread and butter on the table.

I noticed a fellow forum user who wanted herbal advice - maybe they could private message me, and I can ask my wife.


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What a positive man you are I was diagnosed 7 years ago and I had deep brain Stimulation it’s important to rise above it Don’t let it get to you have the right attitude