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If I am,I was found to be suffering from parkinsons about 5 years ago,I am informed by my nurse that I have a very slow progression.Medication is helping and I have slowed down a little but can cope with most things on a day to day basis. Jumpy.
You seem to be doing it right. Welcome to the forum. There are loads of people here who are sharing the Parkinson's journey. I was dx 8 years ago and have also benefited from slow progression.
I hope you will find the same support in this forum as I have done

Elegant Fowl
Hiya jumpy,luv your forum name:smile:welcome to puk forum.lots of nice members here and great surport.anything you wont to ask dunna hesitate to ask,someone will no the answer.i been dx 12 years im 44.trying to feel positive and try exercise as good as you can i think helps to slow down pd,i belive strongly about this.:smile:
Welcome, Jumpy! I agree with ali j on exercise. It's crucial to feeling good as well as to slowing PD's symptoms. I'm 67, have had this malady 15 years, but am still leading an active life.
Best wishes to you.