Just joined

Hello.My husband was diagnosed two and half years ago at the age of 67.
Life is getting tougher! We have just got a carer,as I still manage a preschool.
He has started having mood swings which I am finding very difficult.I am interested to find a support group for carers,in the north london area.
Am looking forward to being part of the forum
classic fm
Hi Classic FM. Welcome to our forum. I am afraid I can't help on your quest to find a group for carers in London, Just thought it would be nice to Welcome someone new to the forum.
Thank you for your welcome.Its cheered me up!
Hi Classic Fm and welcome to the forum.

I am carer for my husband who was diagnosed five years ago. We found great help and support from our local Parkinsons' Support Group. They also had a Carers' Group, which I found very helpful. Not all Groups have a Carers' Group but it would be worth finding out. Or the Carers Trust may have a local group.

You will find lots of advice and support on the forum. And it is a good place to vent your feelings as well, should you need to.

Hi worral welcome. i am a pwp and also try and support my dad who is a pwp! Can't help you with groups but this forum can be very supportive.