Just saying hello

Hi recently been diagnosed with PD have been put on amantadine 200mg twice a day, they working in regards to my leg and i walk a bit better but i was expecting more any advice from anyone?
Hello Lippy and welcome to the forum. I am not the one to advise you on anything but there are many good people here who will be only to happy to help you. Hope to see you on the forum often.

All the best
Radz x
Hi Lippy,

Welcome to the forum. I'm sure you'll get good advice and support here (I know I have over the last three years) and the website as a whole is a mine of information. I've been diagnosed nearly two years now. Is there any specific thing you'd like help with at the moment? Were you expecting the drug to get you back to being your old self perhaps?

As my most recent neuro has suggested I try amantadine for fatigue, I would be very interested in hearing how you are getting on with it. I'm glad it's having a positive effect on your walking. Have you had any side effects? Do you seem to have more get up and go?

Best wishes.
hi lippy, welcome to the forum what other symptoms do you have if anyone can help with advise they will, are you on any other meds. sue.

I can't advise you about this, but this forum is very helpful and friendly,hope to see you around. :smile:
hello lippy, & welcome. I know very little about amantadine. May I suggest that you 'phone the helpline?(no at top left of page.) A nurse will 'phone you back & will answer your queries re medication.
I am pleased that is aiding your mobility
hi lippy welcome to the forum :smile:im ali i bin dx 10 half years now ,im 42,im not on that drug but it was mentioned by a close pd friend to me before in the past,they are on it ,and they told me to mention it to my neuro for myself to go on to it,which i did last time i saw neuro.i got told that the drug was very good bt cus im being sent to a movement disorder spealist at queen liz my meds are goin to be looked at as well.so until then i have not much idea bout the drug.but wot i will do is speak with my friend and see if they are able to give u some advice them self about it ,i do no for a fact that they swear by it for them self .x:smile: