Just saying hi, hoping to find ways of supporting mother in law

Hi all, just joined so finding my way around! My mother in law was diagnosed about 6 years ago at the age of 61. Things seem to have progressed quickly which worries me. She has loads of meds, apo battery pump, clonazepam at night and has now started on yet another slow release pill. So sorry I dont know the ins and outs/names of it all. She is still mobile, in fact barely sits at all. Shes in alot of pain, often. I think its the dystonia? Where she gets all cramped up? She's been in hospital twice in 3 weeks. The 1st cos she was in such severe pain for hours, and then due to a chest infection. I have so many questions but she's very private and also doesn't like to worry us so the questions go unanswered. She rarely leaves the house now... maybe once a month to be driven with father in law to shop to get milk and bread. I'm not sure why I felt the need to write all that! Just introducing my lovely mother in law and hoping for some friendly people to tell me everything will be ok!

Hi Still Smiling,

You sound a lovely caring daughter-in-law. Do you live close by?

Your mother-in-law has probably had Parkinson's a lot longer than 6yrs. They say that when you notice the symptoms appearing, it could have started decades before. She sounds to be on a lot of medication, although I know others taking a similar amount. It makes you wonder how they all interact with each other and whether the neurologists just give us them to shut us up! It's all trial and error anyway, as no two people with PD are the same.

Its a shame that she doesn't get out more. Do friends come and visit her? Has she thought about joining her local PD group? I suppose if she's in pain, she won't feel very sociable. Maybe she needs to see a Neuro-physiotherapist who could suggest exercises to help with the pain. Her hospital should have one, but her neurologist or PD nurse would have to refer her.

I'm the same age as your mother-in-law and also used to suffer with dreadful cramps and muscle spasms. I started putting a teaspoonful of Chia seeds on my cereal every morning and I very rarely get any cramps or spasms now. They also help with constipation. (You can put them in anything). Might be worth a try. My pain is mainly in my back and neck, but that's because I find it hard to keep a good posture.....all my core muscles seem to be shot! 

It must be difficult for you, if she doesn't want to talk about her condition. Is there anyone she confides in? It's not good to keep things all bottled up. An awful lot depends on your state of mind, with this wretched thing, If you let it dominate your life, it's won! So you have to try and stay positive, stress free and keep doing things you enjoy. Not always easy! Any kind of pain gets you down, I know.

I do hope things improve, as she's still young at 67........at least I think we are!! Perhaps a review of her meds. is needed, or at least a good chat with her GP. 

All the best.