Just saying hi

Hi I'm Pauline and I've just been diagnosed at 57 yrs old. I've had symptoms for about 3 years though. I'm an ESOL teacher although I don't teach many hours now. I'm interested in communicating with anyone of a similar age and stage in the disease.
Hello Polly p May I welcome you to this excellent very friendly helpful kind
compassionate nothing is too much trouble forum, No I am not over doing the praise , its true, I have been in black depression , not wanting any contact with
anyone but using what mental agility I had left I would post my problem here.
within minutes some kind soul would reply, then another and another all responding to my plight,so many new friends for so small a input, and I do see them as good friends, we have never met and probably never will although I have some ideas on that ,watch this space, oh I know its not the same as personal contact but somehow the written word seems to add a sense of, I cant think of the
word so I will make one up, its a sense of Genuineilityness ,the spell checker
has just blown all its fuses,ok you can even be quite silly and very rarely get told off, I don't even have to try, the forum seems to feed on the very different
personalities of the group and encourages you to open your heart, try it Polly
Its fun Kindest Regards fedexlike:grin:
Welcome Pauline

Hope you find somehelp here. Don't be afraid to ask questions, or just rabbit on if you're bored or sad.

:laughing:Hi Polly P.
I have been living with Parkinson's for the past eleven years.I am not going to say it is not a problem but it isn't the end of the world either.
The best advice (for what it is worth)that I can offer is. Don't worry about it. Keep your self busy. Do as much as you can manage. It will help to keep your muscles flexible and the brain active.
There will be times when you feel down, and other times when you will barely know there is any thing wrong. Those are the times to look forward to. We all need some thing to look forward to.
Those are the times that keep me going.

All the best.
Hi Polly p,

Nice to hear from you. I am knew to the forum and I received a very warm welcome when I joined. I'm sure you will find it very informative and great fun. I too was diagnosed at 57 years of age (now 62 years old). Presently my medication is being reviewed so I am a bit up and down at the moment but nothing too drastic. Still trying to get the right medication. I am told I am very sensitive to drugs so it has taken a bit longer to get sorted with proper dosage etc. I am ever hopeful !
Welcome to the forum Polly P and I hope you feel able to post often . I myself was DX at 57 and thought my life had ended.That s maybe how you feel at the moment. You will get through this and it's something you have to decide for yourself .The thing is its an illness ive been labelled with ,but I don't allow it to wrap me up Regards Angel4ux
Hello polly p, I was diagnosed Sep 2010, aged 54, now 57. Consultant says it s still mild disease, am on Madopar 125 mg x 3 daily. Helps with stiffness and soreness. Also have Bowen technique every few weeks and exercise every day which definitely helps. Try to keep brain active, am in singing group and try not to let the anxiety take over! Some days great, some not so great but there are still places to go and people to see!
Take care and keep smiling
Hi Polly P., Welcome to the Forum,as others have said we are a friendly lot. And if you have a problem there is always someone who can help. If you just want a chat I can gaurentee that there will be someone just waiting to have a chat. One of the things I love about this Forum is it does have a fun side too. I have had PD about 40 years, I concentrate on the things I can do and don't worry about those things which I can no longer do as well as I used to. I can still have a good natter and i can tell you that you can still be happy and you still have a life even with PD. Welcometo our Forum.