Just so so so tired all the time

First I am sorry if there is a thread about being so tired I could cry but just do not have the energy to look through ...that is just how tired I am.

ok so I have had a bit of a cold come on over this weekend but honestly for about the past two weeks now I am just so tired its unreal, think I could go to bed and sleep for days, joint pain especially in ankles and wrists what's that all about, the other day I was using my fork in my left hand while I cut some meat and had a sharp pain between my thumb and index finger it went as quickly as it came.

i feel like a real winger and I'm so not but I just don't seem to be able to shake this feeling off at all.....the only difference in meds recently was an increase in stanek 100mg from 4 a day up to 5 because of the warning off, this has helped with the wearing off but is the extra making feel this groggy ( ido take other meds for PD)

i still manage work 3 days a week, in tomorrow and I'm starting to feel anxious about it now at 6 pm on a Monday night because of how I feel just so bloody exhausted. I don't feel depressed or have anxiety issues usually just so tired not motivated want to sleep forever.....any advice please

Loads of fresh air when you don't want to sleep then you may sleep better ,diet can also play a part try and speak to a dietitian they will help , keep busy with what you enjoy good luck


Hi newdidit,

I'm sorry to hear that you are feeling so exhausted all the time. It must be extremely difficult to get by, especially if you are working 3 days a week. Have you spoken to your GP about it yet? They could help you identify the underlying causes and find solutions that work for you.

I'm sure other forum members who have experienced the same issues will soon share the tips that helped them feel more energised, but in the meantime I wanted to share our information sheet about fatigue with you: http://www.parkinsons.org.uk/content/fatigue-and-parkinsons-information-sheet It deals with factors that may contribute to feeling tired all the time and gives practical advice to help feel less tired at work, at home and generally throughout the day. 

I hope you find it helpful.

Take care and best wishes. 
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