Just starting sinemet

nothing after 2 weeks -on 12.5/50 mg 3 times a day. Increasing to 2 tablets every 8 hours from tomorrow.


Any golfers out there ?

Interested to hear how you have coped since DX

How long before you notice any difference on sinemet my husbands been taking 2 x daily for a fortnight  12.5/50 mg he's to up it to 3x daily when will we notice a difference 

would have thought he would have seen some difference by now ,has he got any dyskinesa if not i would say he could have a higher dose best to speak to pd nurse or gp.

Interesting comparison as I have been on Sinemet for just over 3 weeks---first 2 weeks at 3 tablets per day 12.5/50 mg and 6 a day for one week .

No change and no side effects.

interested to learn when your husbands take effect

Hi jo h - just thought I'd look in and see how your oh is doing on sinemet ? Good I hope 

Hi moonandstars and Geordie  my husband has been on them for 3 weeks now no side effects at all his walking seems a bit better he's still got a slight tremor he is still on the lowest dose 3 times a day but  I think it's helping we've just being on holiday and that's done him the world of good we have walked miles hopefully things will continue I hope your both well x



so pleased to hear and hope it progresses.

similar to me in that walking more quickly seems easier than at normal pace.

no side effects but no improvement with balance

I've been on sinemet for the last 4 months since being diagnosed, 25/100mg 3 times a day and haven't had any side effects at all, doctors have now added 1mg of rasagiline once a day and so far so good

Hi Geordie,


Its the same here, no side effects since i have started and i walk much better, also get better out of a chair and bed but the unbalancing remains. I am on the waiting list for the parkinson nurse so hopefully they have some tips.

good to hear.

what is your dossage?

o what you mean by still generally unbalanced

i am on 3 x 62.5 mg sinemet, it goes well but still unbalanced and i walk like a drunk. But in general i improved a lot so i can live with being unbalanced. I know what i can do and cant and to improve balance i do the balancing excercises on the wii fit plus. For the rest keep a good sense of humor about it helps too.

what you like at bedtime & morning can you move ok, i suffered untill i went on a slow release sinemet last for 12hrs help you at night time and gives you a bit of a boost in the morning!  its there if you need it.

good tip..i will ask for it. How are you keeping in this heat?

loving it cool a couple of days were a bit muggy but now it seems to be ok .me & wife been sunbathing most of the day also been for swim & steamroom,  wife got a week of work daughter coming home from Liverpool to do a friends make up & hair for wedding, looking forward to seeing her .hope your ok. 

have you had a word about increasing your meds to help with walking 3x 62.5mg is low dose .maybe its worth having a chat with pd nurse might help if you had 125mg midday. 

My husband spoke to parkinson nurse today about increasing his sinimet he's on lowest dose 3 x daily waiting for them to call back tomorrow  let's see what happens he's had no side effect at all x

maybe they start people of on a low dose to see how well cope with the meds.hope all goes well for your husband.



I am on the waiting list for the parkinsons clinic, this is ireland you know so health care is bankrupt big time. Buts high on the list for when i go. You look sunburnt on the photo...lol...a proper englishman...as red as a tomato

we all went for a meal at are local beefeater here sunny beachside town weymouth, & the waitress said you here on your hols we replied no born & breed here she said you should know better than to get that red ! as we left the cheeky waitress said i hope that red turns brown lol. i suppose i take it for granted down here in the south just one phone call to the pd nurse & my dbs nurse & there always there ! hope your ok.