Just to say hello

Hello all,,
I am 67, living in Spain, and newly dx'd with pd. my wife is 17 years my junior and I promised her some 28 years ago to stay fit and young. Poor lass. I never imagined something catching me out like this.
Looking forward to reading and learning from people here.
Hi Horace, welcome to this friendly and informative forum. Being newly diagnosed myself, I think I can appreciate what you are feeling. Scanning forum posts though, there are people with this spectre still ploughing on after 30 or more years. I reckon being 97 (67+30) brings it's own challenges.
In the meantime, check diet and exercise, take the medication, and push the spectre away as far and as long as you can, then you can hopefully see what being 97 is like, unless life throws another curve ball, like a bus in you path.
Many thanks, Johari,
I'm not really that greedy - 96 will do me fine.
Hi there

You won't say that when you're 96!!


Good luck, keep on posting!
Hi HORIS I am 75 in june and not about to give up anytime soon. dx in November 2011 wife 8 years my junior . at the moment I am in a field on the three peaks fell race. hailstone at the off to bed in a moment take care:sunglasses::cry:
73 oldboy
Wow, Oldboy, I'm seriously impressed. I shall be following the race because one of my sons will be travelling up later this morning to take part, but he's only 36.

Anyway, good luck, have fun and take care!
Hello Horace, Nice to meet you, my husband was dx in March he is 65, I am 12 years his junior. I think it is a good thing that one partner is younger in these kind of circumstances. My husband has always been very fit and healthy, and always had more get up and go than me. The roles have reversed now, and I truly am glad I am younger, as it gives me the strength to take the reigns, and help my husband with his every day living, and making his life as comfortable and easy as I possibly can.
Remaining positive is the main thing, and all the People with PD on this forum will keep you positive, they are all amazing, strong characters, and have helped me no end, when I was so devastated. I am going to Spain tomorrow, and my husband is actually looking forward to the break. Three months ago he would not go out the door as he had lost all his confidence. He is worried about people especially on the flight looking at his tremor, but I tell him just leave them to me my love!
keep your chin up Horace love Hols x
Hiya welcome the forum.im ali been dx 12 years im 44.this forum has some very friendly members with with good advice.also the helpline is always here to with more info and surport.f you hace any questions dont hesitate to ask.:smile: