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Hi to everyone. I'm 62 and after some period of having PD type symptoms (possibly as a result of spinal cord pressure due to a neck op some 18 years ago) my neuro decided that a Datscan would be a sensible move...to cut a long story short I had the results 10 days ago. Apparantly there is an small abnormality (sufficient for the radiologist to be unable to give me a clean bill of health). My neuro has therefore started me on Madopar with the dose increasing every 5 until I'm on 6 tabs per day (50/12.5). So do I have PD? The neuro thinks on the balance of probality the answer is yes (albeit in the early stages). Just feeling a bit confused by everything that's hsppening at the moment........
Hi Jag Man and a warm welcome to the forum. You will find this place full of friendly people with experience of most things that Parkinson's can throw at you.

The time of diagnosis can be shocking and scary and this is sometimes made worse because, as you are discovering, it can be quite hard to diagnose Parkinson's with certainty. I was initially diagnosed about 8 years ago. Although my GP suspected Parkinson's from the outset it was two years before it was confirmed.

I hope you find the forum as supportive as I have done.

Elegant Fowl
Hello Jag man,

Welcome to the forum where as Elegant Fowl has already said you will find a warm welcome with plenty of information and support. One of the ways of telling whether it is PD is if the tablets help if they don't do anything at all then usually it's not but I am sure that by the time you go back to the Consultant you will get your answer. All the very best to you