Just told have PD

At 61 I have just been informed I have PD.
Everything I read informs me it is not a life threatening disease yet having asked for quotes for an annuity I obtain improved rates due to PD, why?
PD does not directly cause death but in the later stages there is an increase in death rates due to pneumonia especially and other secondary effects from immobility etc. I wouldnt worry to much about it - these figures always look to the past (any actuaries about?) and there is a very good chance you'll die of something else first (we've all got to go someway). There's every reason to believe you will reach your 80s or beyond.
When we first get diagnosed theres a tendency to look to the distant future and worry about it. Everyone is different and rates of progression vary enormously. You need to focus on the next few years - getting meds right, keeping fit and healthy, adjusting your life style.
its a bit of a shock and usually takes quite a while to get used to it.
hiya londonkid welcome to the forum,im ali,been dx for 11 half years im 43 years old.like turnip said ,please try not to worry about it ,turnip is rite everything she says:smile:it like smoking for instance,they say dont smoke you will get cancer,cancer warning etc,but you die from something else.my dads a great example of that,there 19 years between me mom and dad,he passed on at age 83 in 2006,he had fought the 2nd world war,as you most prob aware they started smokin when they went in at 16/17 years of age,and my dad dint die of cancer.but then you take me auntie mary,never touched a fag in her life,and passed on 4 years ago of lung cancer.so do you see london kid,this is the only way i can explain it to you,parkinsons wont kill you,ok:smile:
Thanks for your support and help, you are right it is a shock when you are told you have PD.
I take:
Rasagiline 1mg one daily
Sinemet Plus 25/100 three times daily

I often forget to take second dose of Sinemet, it does not seem to make any difference, should it?
do you mean that not taking it doesnt make a difference? perhaps you forget to take it becase you dont need it on that day?
I do not know if I need the medication that day or not, if I forget to take it should I not feel the effect of forgetting it?
Sinamet, taken long term can have nasty side effects (involuntary movement or Dyskenisia) which is distressing and painful (due to the muscles' constant tension). If you don't miss taking a dose then leave it out, but inform your clinician and be prepared for a delayed reaction. Take medication an hour before meal on an empty stomach if you can and it will be more effective. Listen to your body. It's yours after all. Read as much as you can and ask quesstions until you get an answer you can understand.
Good Luck, Chrissie