Just when i thought

You may recall In my post this morning that I was feeling much improved,well PARKY
decided that was a no no, most mornings I am unstable until the Duodopa kicks in
and I was taking a short stroll in the garden when I managed to tangle my left leg with my right "you couldn't make it up could you"I fell on my face luckily, if you can call falling on your face lucky, I fell on the graveled section of my piece of our planet so my face looks like a target at the shooting range,my accident received sympathy at first but was quickly replaced by a Rollicking as I was in my slippers and was not using my stick, the district nurse is due so I will
take her advice on what to do next I have a sore head and a stiff neck so we shall see.
Regards Fed
Oh, Fed, sorry to hear you’ve been in the wars. My aunt had 2 falls in the one day! Hopefully that won’t happen to you. Cheerio for now!
poor you!!!!!!sometimes it does feel like someones got it in for you....what bad luck
very sorry to hear of your latest mishap. sounds very unpleasant.

you asked how i'm doing - i fear the honeymoon period is nearing an end (after 5 years) and the serious stage is beginning, but that is to be expected. c'est le peedee. merde.

Hello Turnip

My appologies for not contacting you sooner , I am sorry to know you are unwell, you contribute so much to this Forum and it would sadden me if that vast amount of wisdom and sheer commonsense was lost to us so dont let the BLACKHEARTED B3/'RS#££D get you down I know you can match it punch for punch,seek out alternatives and better systems use your sense of humour ,this can be a powerful weapon in the battle against PD ,watch FAWLTY TOWERS OR MILLIGAN   OR THE LIFE OF BRIAN, but dont not no never not stop using your knowledge to help us all.


                               I wish you well Sir                  Fed

Hi Fed, So sorry to hear you had a rough landing, next time if there is one, full flaps, wheels down, and keep the nose up during touch down big grin

Hello Kyloe, you know the footage of ww2 carriers taking her chicks on board after a mission, you know what I  mean, the pilots struggling to control his Aircraft until he hits the deck way too hard and rips off the gear or tears out the engine ,well thats me from waking up without  fail at 7.30, until about 11.ooam I stagger about and freqently fall, twice in the last five years I banged my head and it was Hospital for old fed in other words I fell out of bed onto my head my wifes horrible dread she thought I was dead but she had misread old fed for although it bled,, feds head was as tough as a concrete shed but would have to leave home and go to hosp instead , oh those hospial beds , I was seen by a Dr Gled whose  first name was FREDerick he checked old feds head and pronunced me fit and wedd,,,,I know I know its the only thing I could come up with so old fed went back home to his own bed, to rest his head, I bet you are  GLED  ,,,i know yes I know but GLED IS NEAR ENOUGH!!!!, INCIDENTLY as you can probably tell I am  much brighter this morning, I often behave in a very silly way in the morning or AS OFTEN AS I CAN BECAUSE ITS FUN AND I DO MISS FUN  dont you folks ,In fact why dont you ,,,that is all of you who would like to contribuete Comritubluet 2"""""CK THIS TOPLAP Has a limed ov ITSONE THOHHHHHS OF you who want to invigouraitttttttttttt your sense of fun and allow your Lying Circus to reemerge , do this wot aye arm doooing  new, have fun on the forummmmmmmm, go on GO ON GO ON GO ON GO ON GO ON GO ON GO ON, OH alright dont then!? but I am.

                                        MadFedMcMad of the Clan McMad being silly