Just when you think it can't get any worse

I have PD. My wife has just finished 5 weeks radiotherapy. She had neuro tests before the cancer was discovered and has just been diagnosed with primary progressive MS. We're both in our early 60s, recently retired.
It may seem inappropriate to say this, but if you've just been diagnosed, look at us, it could be worse.
But in our case, we are somehow resigned to the situation and content that we have a close family, have had successful careers, and both have pensions. And I know from my own experience of PD that fear of the unknown to come can be more distressing than the reality of the disease.

Think positive. Good luck.


Best wishes to you both

good luck

Best wishes to both of you Trev. I hope things go well.

We had a bit of that when i got the pd diagnosis 6 months after diagnosis of breast cancer at age 52. still...there is always worse and those of us with supportive partners are much luckier than many. best wishes to both of you.

All my love and welcome to the forum. Love Blue Angel x

Dear Trev ,and wife,my heart goes out to you. Angel 4ux

Good luck And do takke care Love Blue Angel X