Just Wondered?

Just a thought, I wondered has anyone else had back problems or suffered from Bells Palsy before dx with pd?

I suffered from a slipped disc in my lower back over 15 years ago and was unable to move for at least six weeks. Also i had Bells Palsy around the same time and lost the use of left side of my face. The feeling came back eventually but i have been left with a slight droopy eye lid.

I was dx with pd 2 years ago and am the first member in my family to be diagnosed.I`m sure i`ve read of a connection with lower back injuries & pd, not sure about bell`s palsy! It may not be connected but thought it would be an interesting discussion!

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I had surgery for a spinal stenosis a year before dx with PD. 6 months of incredible pain! Surgery solved the problem.

Thanks wpgchap for your reply, it looks like i`ts only me who`s had bell`s palsy so it can`t be related!


I had bells palsy in my teens, it only lasted about two weeks,I also have a curve in my spine which gives me a lot of pain now but it didn`t bother me till I was in my late 20`s early 30`s. I`m now 68 dx november 2009, I don`t know if there`s a connection with pd or not.


My friend had bad back problems for years before he was diagnosed with PD. He now thinks it was related.

It really make you wonder if there is any conection between back injury/pd?

I`ll try and find out more info where i have read about this!


my husband has had a bad back on and off for about 30 years. He also had Bell's palsy twice, once definitely on his tremor side.

I had 2 bouts of disc problems before diagnosis with pd. Looking back I think I had movement problems and pain that I blame d on my back which were really pd, there is an overlap in symptoms but I don't see how causes can be related. let us know if you find anyhting