Keeping fit

Hi all
I feel a bit silly asking this, but what does a PWP do to try to keep fit? I was diagnosed over a year ago and feel as though I'm losing body strength by the day. At the moment I manage a walk and a bit of rather wobbly climbing a week. How does a PWP manage yoga? I gave up Chi Kung because my tremor interfered with my concentration; ditto for swimming because my weak side tired so easily (oh for a circular pool!) What else is there that's not too taxing, but will keep me motivated? Help!
Hi djemm, I was diagnosed 8 years ago. I have been going to yoga for just over a year and I really enjoy it. I am fortunate that a friend of mine qualified as an instructor and gives me one to one classes. I would definitely recommend Yoga. It has certainly helped with my posture. Perhaps you could try a class and only do what you feel capable of? I also walk the dog. Take care. Jem
Hi djemm, I was diagnosed last February, still go to the gym , have just started tai Chi.

unable to swim now as I just turn over and cannot get my feet on the bottom of the pool as my balance is bad.

Also try toplay golf, but this has been deteriorating over the last 3 years
hi im in gthe wheelchair,and scooter at the moment,but having alot of phiseo and massages,we have the wii,i do some exercices on that sitting down ,when iam up and a bout,walking abit i will be able to do more.x.
HI ali j,

Glad to hear you're at home now and recovering from the operation. Lets hope now you've had the operation your pd symptoms improve too because hopefully your body will feel less under stress.

We've just got Lewis a nintendo wii this weekend. I must say it's great fun and quite competitive, i'm loving it and so is the rest of the family. It certainly beats sitting on your ar*e watching television. Great family entertainment and encourages social interaction. I've even had a go at boxing with the boxing gloves on, now that is physically challenging, get the heart rate up thats for sure, lol.

Got to work these easter eggs off somehow, lol

Best wishes

One person on food additives and supplements for 15 months but no prescription meds (dx 2007) is doing aquaerobics, caravanning and mountain biking. Another Dx 1999 and on multiple meds and additives/supplements has now been able to return to serious mountainbiking having been walking with a stick six months ago.
It isn't only the exercise you need but a serious look at diet and supplements too.
My husband can manage to do an aquarobics class at his own level,[very female oriented but what the heck]may be you could find as class at your local pool they seem to be in most pools. he also walks in the pool, sideways, backwards & silly walks forward. He also goes on the treadmill & bike in the gym. I don't think he enjoys any of it but keeps going.
Try anything at least once!
Hi Gang

Monday = Body Pump (weighted workout to music), have to work hard to keep my LHS up with the right
Tuesday = Spinning (excercise bike mayhem - to music)
Wednesday = Power Plate and Circuit Training (to music - sometimes!!)
Thursday = Spinning (bring it on Chris Hoy!!)
Friday = Power Plate and Circuit Training

Weekends = recovery!!!!!! Sometimes light exercise / sauna/ steam

The sessions are all "group" and it's as much a social thing as keep fit!! When I shake, they shake - we all laugh!!! Maybe it's my bad jokes (I doubt it!!). Laughter is good exercise!!! Give it a go!!

Found it a lot more challenging before Ropinirole.

The Power plate is used for strength and balance - find it ROCKS!!

............and this is all before I go to work!! Used to do evening Yoga but ran out of time!!

That's me and my personal mission!!!

MURF :grin:
Murf, sounds good but a little hard to fit in if you;re still working. I do yoga once a week and try to go swimming and gym once a week, dont always manage because of commitments though. find walking also helps and do exercises physio gave me every night. every little helps..... a they say
Hi.. Everybody I have read with interest your entries re exercise
I am into my fourth year after diagnoses, like a lot of people realised for how long prior to that I had been living with P.D.
I have always done a lot of swimming for exercise Eg 500 to 1,00 metres on average 2 to 3 times a week,enough to keep fit

6 years ago now when the first of the family left home and the other started work,I joined a new health club nearby which had a 25 metre pool which Was the reason I joined had it been a gym only I would not have bothered .
However shortly after joining I met an ex work coleague we got chatting she was one of the fitness intructors and she suggested I started a regime in the gym nothing too strenuous
That got me started and gradually built up the gym work things like cross trainer.Light weights chest press/latts etc as wellas the swimming ( still not going silly)

Since Diagnoses I have evolved a training programme designed to stimulate the nervous system and change around every six weeks or so
on a rotating basis ( don,t get too bored )
Swimming Is not as good as it was but I keep trying..I have found the gym work very benificial in fact my family, wife in particular
are very much of the opinion if it was not for my gym workouts I would not as bodily able as I am at present
Despite all the exercise I still get very pronounced tremors on my left arm hand and body but all in al I feel well in body and mind
My medication is very minimal (which I hope stays that way))

Does excercise work/help ?? for me yes because the other week I could not get to the gym/pool at the end of that week off I really felt slower,sluggish and bodily stiffened up you would not believe the change in that short period of time

I am sure that a lot of you out there in conjuction with your G.P.s and Consultant Neuro ( get checked out first ) start an exercise programme ...if circumstances allow money wise etc and the avialabilty of gyms swimming pools etc it will be difficult at first but every little helps.( sorry Tesco)

Regards to all

Ian (M)
Ian, you're right, for me it is so much better if I keep moving, Carol
Hi all, definitely agree that keeping moving helps a lot. I do pilates once a week and walk the dog every day. I have also started a Salsa class which is great - something about the rhythm really helps me move well. I also do stretches each morning - I know without this I would quickly stiffen up as I was before my diagnosis. Hope this helps

Thanks for your advice everyone
You made it sound like it's worth the effort so I managed a slow but sure swim last weekend. My weaker left side complained a bit, but then so did my right! Also did a bit of walking during the week. Am looking into yoga and/or pilates classes, hoping they improve my weeble-like tendencies!
My brother & sister-in-law teach sequence dancing and he assured me that dancing was the best form of exercise for me and that it would help my balance problems. I asked him to dance with me as I trusted him to catch me if I fell. He agreed, but after only 10 steps he said "You're leaning on me you're supposed to stand erect".
So much for dancing!:grin: