Keeping fit

Wow! I've just read the "Research News".heading.

it seems exercise keeps you fit!!! Who'd of thought that? 

Lets hope they had a good research grant.

Sorry about the sarcasm. I'm becoming a bit of a cynic.


I'm keen to explore the intensity vs benefit curve, especially for us PwPs.

Does 30 minutes of really intensive exercise, or a set of 100% HR intervals, provide more, less, or the same benefit to maintaining our motor skills as a 2 to 3 hour "trundle" for example?

There seems limited research based evidence, so I am conducting my own for the next 6 to 12 months to see if I can notice either method offering greater benefit. I will publish my non-scientifioc, totally subjective findings on here assuming I'm still around to do so.


Exercise to Music!

I’ve started a new Forum thread called Music kicking it off with a rather unique way of describing a Parkinson’s journey  . . .

The electronic music album 'Weird Medicine' is the story of my own 12 year battle with the symptoms of Parkinson's Disease and the associated side effects of the drugs and medical treatments.

The album has been produced by me under the tongue in cheek pseudonym DrBolix and is available for download worldwide on iTunes, Spotify and most online music outlets.

Half of all net royalty proceeds from the 'Weird Medicine' album is to go to to Parkinson’s research. For further details visit my website at or hear the album now at

Research has shown that Music improves brain function one of the benefits being to help produce Dopamine which is the chemical in the brain that Parkinson sufferers continue to lose as the disease progresses.

As I'm sure you are aware there is currently no cure however there are many medicines that for a period of time reduce the symptoms. However, these medicines come with the inevitable 'may cause side effects’ on the accompanying leaflet hence Track 4 on the 'Weird Medicine' album.

I would add that I am not of course a Doctor and that the pseudonym DrBolix is purely designed to attract attention.

This project could raise some serious money for Parkinson’s research please support the album by (obviously buying it) and/or forwarding this information to all your friends and contacts.

Regards to all and keep fighting

PS you can also follow me on Twitter and Facebook

3 days without exercise led to a noticeable worsening of my limited inner tremor.

Drank slightly more than normal, and had disturbing personal news, both of which could have been contributory (to the symptoms or enthusiasm for exercise) ... anyway, back in the saddle before 6am this morning, so hoping for some noticeable improvement.

There is a definite sense that I feel "better" (more mobile, less shaky, less pain) after a more intense exercise session.

An hour of fairly full-on intervals (one minute duration, 4 minutes recovery) is my workout of choice, with recovery days in-between. I'm thinking of trying 2 "hard" days in 3, to see if it makes any discernable difference.

I tend to walk for 30 minutes each day too, nothing unduly strenuous, but two bouts of exercise per day seems better than one.

Good to hear that your experiment is continuing.
When I was first diagnosed I was quite active and reasonably fit. Ten years into the fight I have let things slip a bit but I'm keen to recover some lost ground.


I feel for you, and think if you can face it, getting back in the saddle will feel good.

I have my bike hooked up to Tacx turbo trainer, so even after its become unsafe outside, I hope the trainer is an option for some years yet ... getting on and off might be interesting, but where there's a will?

Good exercises keep all body function properly. But i think that everybody is different, so one must follow the customized workout plan and with that diet too.