Keeping fit

I have just been diagnosed with Parkinsons.

I have kept fit all my life and would like to hear from people who keep fit either by running or cycling.

Are there any parkrunners out there?

Hi i have been talking on similar lines to a newby, well i have only been on this forum for a week so i am new too. I took up an active lifestyle since being diagnosed with crohns disease in my 20's, it was kept in remission for 17 yrs.{ My belief due to exercise.} i have had Parkinsons 6 or 7 yrs but diagnosed nearly 5yrs ago. Also coming up to 2yrs ago now i found i had Thyroid Cancer, all gone thankfully! All this time i have exercised and its kept me upright!  I am hopefully going to manage the 'Ride the night 100k ' cycle through London next month and Lincoln 10k in a couple of weeks. When im not training for anything i attend Body Combat classes where my symptoms are better and hardly noticeabe. . Possibly i can do more than some half my age and in perfect health, so thoroughly endorse exercising your stiffness away.