Keeping in touch

So sorry to hear Sue , Ginny, Mike, Sheila

that you do not appear to want to keep in touch.Must have been the catch up in York that changed your minds.hey ho life goes on.Suppose we cant all like everyone.!!!

Hope you are all well anyway.

Wishing you all the best for the future.

Barbara xxx


Hi Barbara,

Have I missed something? I very much want to keep in touch as my posts demonstrate ,but I notice the absence of Sue so  assumed she must be busy at work.Sheila just back from her Scottish trip,how did you find Ullapool by the way? 

I think we had a great weekend in York,must be losing my perception of human nature along with my brain cells!


Hi so pleased to hear from you.

Sue had posted on facebook that this foum was not for her and she has not been back on.

So therefore assume thats that.

Anyway their loss ?nothing as queer as folk? Like you i had thought York went really well.

You must be busy posting your leaflets. Hope you keeping well. Take Care


love Barbara x x x 

Just found this thread!


Hi Ginny and Barbara - I find myself posting on 'evry'thing but parkinsons' now for keeping in touch but have'nt been on for a couple weeks or so but i'm back now. Don't go on facebook so didn't know Sue was unhappy with the forum. I thought York went really well also.........

Sheila xx