Keto "Fasting"

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Hi Dave,
I have tried the “Fast 800 Keto Diet” recently with very good results. I do modify the diet because taking high levels of protein during the day obviously interferes with levadopa absorption. So, I take one “keto coffee” instead of breakfast and nothing else until evening “keto” meal. The results have been great: weight has gone from 98kg to 89kg in three weeks; brain fog is gone; gait is much improved; no need for an afternoon nap; stacks more energy. The only “fasting” is from about 6pm until 7am and then again from 7am ish until evening meal.

Hi and welcome to our friendly forum, @iancan :grinning: It looks like you’ve jumped right in and we just love that. Thanks for contributing your thoughts on Dave’s post. If you do a search for this on the forum, you’ll find it’s a topic that’s come up from time to time. Parkinson’s and diet has intrigued people for quite a while now.

We do have an information page on our site at this link: You may find it an interesting read.

I’m looking forward to hearing more from you in the future.

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Just come across this post and I have been looking at this for a while myself. Are you still doing well? I have tried to forward a high fat / low carb diet but my main problem was that I was losing weight and I didn’t have a lot to lose in the first place. Did you find it difficult knowing what to eat?

Hi Jgo,
I have been following a keto diet for about a month after watching an interview with Colin Potter. I haven’t been fasting, just careful to keep my carbs below 50g a day.
The internet is full of information on keto friendly foods and recipes, though I have vastly increased my intake of eggs, chicken and salad (selective keto veg).
My symptoms are manageable, which has helped me stave off medicating and my mind seems clearer.
There are things to consider, I have started taking multivitamins and minerals to maintain essential nutrients and have upped my fluid intake to avoid constipation.
Please bear in mind this is not a cure but a way of making PD easier to live with, it also takes time to see results.
Lastly, a high fat low carb diet is not suitable for all so, if you’re unsure, it is best to talk to your GP first.
Good luck.