Ketogenic Diet

Hi All
I just firstly want to introduce myself - I’m a 40 year old mother of 3 young children. I recently received the devastating news that I have parkinsonism. Waiting for genetic tests to be dx with parkinsons.
Since I received my diagnosis, I’ve been researching like a crazy person.
From my research I’m now exercising every day (walking, running, spinning, yoga, boxercise, light weights).

I’ve been looking into the ketogenic diet and I’ve changed my diet over the last 3 weeks. I admit I feel amazing. I’ve lost a lot of weight, which wasn’t the goal, but is definitely welcome lol. I’m so alert, full of energy, happy. I would recommend it to anyone. I’m going to try to stick with this diet long term as there are studies (albeit few) that show to improve symptoms and slow progression.

I’m not sure if it works for pd, but I feel healthy. I’m reading the book “Grain Brain” which is extremely interesting and watched the documentary “The Magic Pill” both of which are about keto diet and effects on brain.

Has anyone any experience of this diet?

I will keep you updated on my progress if anyone is interested.

I just can’t accept that there is nothing I can do to help slow down progression :frowning:

I found your message very inspirational. I’m very impressed with your attitude and the way you are coping with your PD. I’m going to take your advice. Since I learned that I had PD at the beginning of the year I’ve struggled with my diet, exercise and Motivation. Thankyou for the tips. I hope I can gain your positive outlook!!

Thank you for your very kind words. I’m trying to remain positive - it is tough to be positive all the time, and there are times where I get down. But I’m trying, especially for my kids.

We just have to keep going and make the most of things!

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Hi @BrokenHearted,

A warm welcome to the forum.

I see you’ve already received some great comments from our members which is really great to see. I really admire your optimism and determination to live a healthier life. We have a ‘newly diagnosed’ page on our website which you may find useful. There’s information on exercise, financial help and how to find a local advisers near you. Feel free to explore the page here -

Our helpline is also available to you, if you’d like to speak with a specialist about medication or support.You can call them on 0808 800 0303 from Monday-Friday: 9am-7pm, Saturday: 10am-2pm, or you can email [email protected].

Hope you find this information useful. :slightly_smiling_face:

Best wishes,

Hi Brokenhearted, My husband has Parkinsons and we started eating Keto at the begining of July. Its early days but we are very encouraged so far and as you say the weight loss is a bonus. I would be very interested to know how you get on.Wishing you the very best.

I have also started it about a month ago and I very much like the idea. So far I did not feel the difference apart from some weight loss (which I wanted as well), but I’ll keep on, as - like you say - by doing this I feel healthy… Good luck!

Hi there i hope you are doing well. Wondering if you are still getting great results from the ketogenic diet? Its something i may try - have been low carb for a number of years