Ketogenic diet

Has anyone any experience of this diet?

Natural remedies interest me, ad weight loss interests Mr Drewster so potentially win win ?


hi have experience as nurse with children with epilepsy on ketogenic diet .

no idea if it would be helpful in pd but to achieve full effect it has to be managed by dietician and you have to monitor your blood glucose and blood ketones level .I know some weight loss diets can make you ketotic but tend to be for short time only .if doing it to have effect on brain it needs to be sustained and a certain level of ketones maintained. would take medical advice and approach with caution


yes and it works! Please will you email me directly so that I can share more with you regarding this. The information I have is too long to post here

Love Joanne


YES!!! I have personal experience of being on this diet and can highly recommend it. I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and totally reversed it after 6 months when I put myself on a ketogenic diet. In the process I lost 54lbs! Now I'm about to put my husband who has Parkinson's on the same diet as I have read amazing things it can do for neurological conditions too.


I would be really interested in finding out more. If you can point the way I would be grateful


There are a few things which need to be done to prepare for your own chosen eating plan. These will really help you to stay focused on what you're eating every day. You get to choose what you eat as long as it stays within the allowances which you need to create for yourself.

first of all you need to know how many calories, carbs, fats and protein are right for you. This is called knowing your macros. Don't be put off by this as it's all done for you here:

once you know your numbers, go to, create an account and tap the "goals" tab. Type your numbers into the goals and save. You are now ready to add things to your diet for the day. Play with it to see how it works....everything you add is calculated for you and all you have to do is avoid going too much over your allowed amounts. Your carbs will be very limited as the aim of keto is to encourage the brain to use fats for fuel instead of glucose. This produces ketones in the brain which have been found to be beneficial to neurological conditions. Look up the research.

it will seem cumbersome to type in everything you eat every day BUT after a week, you can go back and repeat any day's fact I got to know what to eat so well I abandoned the counter after a couple of weeks. You can create your own foods from supermarket labels if they're not on the counter's AMERICAN food list. That way they can be added to your day with just a tap.

i myself will be starting over, this time with hubby, in the next day or so. Yesterday I did his numbers for him....I have to wean him off toast and marmalade!

good luck.....anything else just ask.








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Check this out

I'm going to start here as the recipes are already worked out and it's easier to do for two people.

there are some brilliant recipes here and I'm going to work out my next shopping list from my favourites. Since I don't want to be eating meat every day, and DEFINITELY NO PROCESSED MEAT LIKE SAUSAGE, HAM OR BACON I can just choose a meat and a chicken recipe for the week.

It would be nice to know if anyone else is starting this.

I tried Keto for a while, I also tried zero-carb for a while.  I had to stop because of domestic pressures.  One trick I discovered to make the increase of fat intake more palatable was to use the lecithin in egg yolks as an emulsifier.  You can make Hollandaise sauce with a huge amount of butter - there are a few YouTube recipes that use a stick blender to make the process easier.  I was also able to make a standard omelette take up a huge amount of butter by melting it in the frying pan, pouring it into the eggs, blitzing it with a stick blender, then pouring the mixture back into the frying pan and continuing cooking the omelette as normal.

I have switched to Intermittent Fasting.  I stop eating at 6.00pm and do not take in any calories until midday the following day, that's 18 hours eating zero calories, then 6 hours of normal eating.  It seems to be working well for me.  Also, there is the added benefit that food does not interfere with my Sinemet for a large part of the day.

I wish you well.


Hi Could you give me an update on how the keto diet is going my husband has had pd for 6 years and is getting worse he has been referred to have deep Brian stimulation but after 3 months still waiting for 1st consultation so have started to look at diet and the keto one seems quiet possitive im going to follow some of your links but would be very interested to see how you got on

Definitely have a look at

They really helped my family and I. The lifestyle change was enjoyable, easy and the improvements were unbelievable.


I also thought about following this diet for a while. So it allows you to eat balanced and lose weight (what I need). And it reduces seizures. This was told to me by my doctor, and then I found this confirmation in an article in the Harvard blog. But you know, not even once I keep it cause I was depressed for a long time because of my illness (I wrote about this in another thread here on the forum). And now I am afraid that if I’ll limit myself in calories, food… then again I will fall into depression. Someone was in the same situation? My psychologist is also worried about my possible condition but says that it is possible to take the risk.

Ketogenic diets don’t restrict calories, you just get a higher proportion of them from fat.

Yes, but there is a limited consumption of carbohydrates, which saved me from depression. I tried to say about it.

The advantage of a Keto diet is that when our meal is high-fat and low-carbohydrate, there is no increase in insulin, & there is no add to our fat reserves. The fat on our diet & stored fat in our body is broken down to ketones (“keto” is short for “ketogenic” producing ketones) by the liver to present to the body as an energy source. As a result of which our body breaks down fat for energy which results in weight loss.