Kicked Out of the 3am Club

Hi Tot, thank you so much, to be honest I think I found myself at at a unknown point and when the suggestion to start the meds was the plan I never questioned it, however, after reading some of the posts and doing a little light reading I am hoping that if the diagnosis is confirmed that these meds will continue and not change them to the other he listed in my letter - read a little on that and don’t think I like the sound of it :thinking: Hopefully it won’t be too much longer for the follow up at least then I’ll know and can get my head around it. Thank you again for your reply, take care

Further update had five bourbons through the day and slept soundly until 4:45am

You are more than welcome and I think you will be fine in managing your PD your posts already sound as if you are calmer and not so ‘rabbit caught in headlights.’
The early days can cause a whole mix of emotion and uncertainty and it is not surprising it causes such turmoil. Good luck and let us know how you are getting on and should you need it in the future the forum is open 24/7.

That’s not bad. It is hard not to think there is something in it.

4:30 again

Not so good but you have at least had a couple of reasonable nights and it may just be a blip!

Thanks Tot! Definately an initial OMG moment but as you say until I know what I’m dealing with for definate just put one foot in front of the other (all be it sometimes a little off balance!) and keep going :smile:

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A relaxing camomile tea with milk about two hours before bed and a banana an hour before bed seem to help. The banana contains a chemical that is meant to help you kip because your body changes it to melatonin, a hormone that helps you sleep. Zzzzz…

Hi @Geordieparr
This is extremely interesting to me as insomnia has a my greatest enemy for 4 years as well as sleep fighting (actually physically fighting in my sleep including punching at full force a concrete floor) amongst countless other crazy dreams.
I’m on melatonin and zopiclone which comes with the side effects price and if you have actually stumbled onto something (no pun intend) I think I’m going to have a try.
Should I start with say half a pack or just a couple, gaining weight is not an issue for me as I’m built like the gable end of a crisp in fact I spend most nights munching through 6 packs of monster munch along with 8 wotsits.
Tommy :pill::pill::pill:

Seems to hit an hour or so after taking, I have been having 2-3 randomly late afternoon until bedtime, sometimes with a drink but usually just the bourbon. Mcvities tasties are the ones that I have been using, others not yet proven

THANK YOU the biscuit idear works a treat, ,Fat finger pete

The fact that others are getting the same results suggests more reseafrch…

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Still getting good results waking up 5am to 7 am, is anyone else?

Hi AnaElsa, me again,sheffy, wish I could get to the bottom of it all as well, but have given up after 11 years of it! Also with this cough I have, had it since 2016, Neuro said nothing to do with Parkies but just found out that Dystonia can cause problems with your vocal cords!! Think i’m ready for the knackers yard!! :woozy_face: :woozy_face: :woozy_face

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Hi thanks for the reply, still finding my way around the forum. Well I’m still in the 3am club and the 4am and the 5am! Unsure how I actually function some days with the short amount of sleep I do get, have had a few afternoons recently though where I just curl up on the sofa and chill with total sleepiness, exhausted but not where I could actually go to sleep - is this how it is? I’m trying to build my working hours back up so unsure whether I’m just trying to do too much? Stay safe :smile:

Currently the biscuits are not on Uk shelves until the new year, so back to the club I go

Yep AnaElsa I’m afraid it seems to be just the way! Unless you go down the road of sleeping pills, which is I say a no go area, you have to grin and bear it. But good news there is the odd time when you actually do catch up on your sleep, it’s few and far between though. Sometimes I can catch a catnap which revives you a little bit, can’t say much more than that.
Stay safe and Have as good a christmas as you can and best wishes for 2021!!

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Currently not a bourbon in uk,according to customer services at bm

Hi again Sheffy, took me a while to go back through and find the post to reply. I hope this finds you safe and well, I have finally managed to get an appointment with my neuro consultant to review the meds he started me on last Aug ? PD, he has now confirmed this and is going to give me some additonal meds to help with the sleepy,fatigue phase mid afternoon, so will see how that impacts. He said he would ask a PD nurse to contact me, sleep has levelled out about just under four hours then wide awake regardless of what I’ve done that day, guess a case of accepting it, stay safe and hope to chat again :smile:

Hi AnaElsa
Lovely to hear from you again! Yes I must admit it does take a little while to find some of these posts to reply :smile: You find me feeling quite well at the moment but sometimes get a little bit down, but I just grin and bear it and carry on regardless. You should be able to private message me if you have problems finding post, just click on my koala face and follow the instructions from there.
Have been quite busy just lately on ‘zoom’ we have someone in our PD group who is pretty good at sorting quiz’s out on this ‘zoom’, also do a little bit of exercising and have choir practice on there as well. Passes the time away in all this doom and gloom! Hope you get something sorted out with the ‘sleeping situation’ but sometimes I find I don’t need as much sleep sometimes. Let me know how you get on and speak to you soon, or try private messaging :smiley: Sheila (sheffy) xx