Killing Me Softly

If anyone is interested I have recently self-published a short book about my life and experiences with Parkinson's, entitled "Killing Me Softly." There is no need to purchase it, because I have made a full preview available at:

I don't mean to be rude or offend you in any way John but the title of your book upsets me . I am tryi g to be positive and really fight this thing  .i realise I've got to be realistic too but I am. 45 have two children myself and hopefully have a lot of living to do yet . The title of your book alone would put me off reading it . Sorry 

I'm sorry that the title offends you, Maddison, but on the first page I explain my reasons for it and that's how Parkinson's has affected me. It affects us all differently and some may find my story unpleasant, ugly, offensive, melodramatic or just plain boring or irrelevant. Some may relate to it, whilst others find it totally at odds to their own experiences, but it is my story.

My book probably is depressing and makes uncomfortable reading at times, but my hope is that it will help people who have been affected in a similar way to realise that they are not alone and to understand and make sense of the feelings that they have and the struggles they face. It is also designed to help people with no experience of Parkinson's to understand some of the complexities of the illness and the difficulties (physical, mental, social and financial, etc) that people with Parkinson's endure. My attitude may seem negative overall, but it is 9 years since I was diagnosed and hey, look at me, despite everything I'm still standing! Well, most the time anyway.

Once again, I apologise if the title upsets you but thanks for your input and have a good day.

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Hello, Innominate --

Thank you for posting the link to your book on your life with PD.  Thus far I have read three chapters and skimmed the rest.  But I shall definitely read the entirety soon.  I share some of your experiences and responses to PD and am completely different from you in other ways.  When I read the rest of the book, I'd like to say more and respond to some of the ideas you explore.

For now, I'll only say what I've said many times on this forum.  If we exercise and try to find the right combination of medications and do our best to keep laughing, we are doing about everything we can do.  The rest lies in other hands or fate or chance or whatever you believe drives our lives.  I have had PD for 18 years now and am still, very fortunately, in the first stage.  I have never expected to live long enough to see a cure for this disease, though that company in Seattle experimenting with MM-201 sounds promising now. 

Thanks again for sharing your writings!  I'll write more later.

Sincerely,   J