Kings College Research into Fruit Flies

I've been reading about a new study carried out at the King’s College London which ha recently identified a new gene in fruit flies called HIFalpha (hypoxia inducible factor alpha), which could prove an effective target treatment for deactivating the gene in humans that cope with neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Leigh syndrome as the HIFalpha gene is also found in humans.  These new findings could lead to new preventative treatments for such diseases in the future, apparently. The research is being carried out by Dr Joseph Bateman and his team, funded in part by the Welcome Trust. In summary, if a way can be found to switch off the gene in humans, we have a 'fix' to prevent worsening symptoms, maybe even a cure. The link is:

This seems to be quite an important finding, yet I can't find any reference to it on this web-site. Anybody know why? 

Hi Mark Thanks very much for highlighting this interesting piece of research which we did comment on at the time (as you may have noticed towards the end of the story on the Kings College website). Unfortunately for this particular study, the results were released during a very busy news period for Parkinson's research so it probably did not get the coverage that it deserved. Other major news stories during that week included: So sadly we did not have the capacity to publish a separate story on our website at the time. I hope that helps to answer your question but if you have any further questions about Parkinson's research please do send us an email at [email protected] Or if you'd like to receive Parkinson's research news and opportunities by email - please join our Research Support Network - more details here: Best wishes Claire

Thanks for the update, Claire. I intend to keep tabs on their progress.