Kings Hospital - PK centre of excellence?

Was advised to go to Kings at dx last March, as an overseas private patient. Since first request on 19 March, my file has been passed all over the place but 4 months later, still no sign of an appointment.
Has anyone else had similar or (hopefully) more positive experience? Based on my experience, they are certainly not a centre excellence in customer/patient care, let's hope the medicine is better.
not being funny but is PK a typing error or new term?
interesting Q. PK is the abbreviation routinely used here in Belgium, no idea about UK usage!
Kings College Hospital isn't my local hospital but I have had a couple of NHS consultations there in connection with my participation in a long term research study. I have found the whole operation to be a joy to deal with. Slick appointments service with phone reminders that really work, people on the phone who know what to do, clinics that run to time and clinicians who know their stuff and look like they are having fun.
that's a long way of saying 'yes' - In my experience they are excellent.
I hope you get to see them soon

Thanks for your comment. After lots of delay on my file, I suddenly was contacted last week with an appointment this week. Had a very interesting discussion with the neurosurgeon which left me feeing more positive about future options if all goes downhill. Also very clear advice and explanation of meds options from the neuerologist. As an aside, I have normal to low blood presure which seems to me to be quite significant at a very practical level when taking PD meds but this was the first time anyone checked it + gave simple advice. Felt hugely better and energised afterwards, just goes to demonstrate the psychological element of this weird condition. Still deeply wary of all these drugs but hard to avoid.
glad its all gone well. its a chemical problem, chemicals have to be part of the answer.