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Hi i find it really dificult to use any knife when cooking ; sliciing bread, meat, even cutting a sandwich in half & chopping veg. I have an eletric knife and find it ok but a bit big. Can anyone recomend a battery opperated one or anything else in order to keep my independence?

Big C
Hello Big C, you are not alone! I have tried and tried to find a lightweight battery operated knife I even tried the NRS "Aids for Daily Living" site. But no joy. Like you it is the cutting up of a sandwich that I find so annoying. I am afraid that I resort to tearing it up by hand, or if expecting company asking O/H to kindly cut the crusts off and "triangle " them!
Is this any use from Amazon?

Thanks Annebernadette & ROS for your reply's, I looked on Amazon and they show a few battery knives but the reviews are not good.

I get so frustrated with kitchen tools i feel like listing down all my problems and writing to some manufacturer or even the design council (not sure if that's the correct organisation?) but someone must invent such aids to help us pd sufferers!

Big C
Hi Big C. If all else fails try the Naidex exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham, May 1st,2nd and 3rd. All sorts of aids and adaptations on show. Check out the website first.
Thanks christo i'l have a look at the liink, its lovely how you are all so helpful
Big C
Would this site be any use to anyone, they will send you a catalogue.
hi guys

My names Robert [This post has been edited by moderators because it does not comply with our terms and conditions. You can find our terms and conditions here: ] and im a leeds student in my final year and i'm currently actually designing a knife/ range of knifes for my final year project for people that suffer from poor dexterity and fine movements in their hands (not specially Parkinson's but i'm trying to be inclusive for all ranges of dexterity disabilities)my dad got peripheral neuropathy after receiving chemotherapy and caused his hands to go numb and loss of sensation which led me to what im researching/creating today. I did notice that there really isn't anything that is solving this problem very well, especially something that looks nice as well.

Although the knife I am designing isn't specifically for a sufferer of parkinson's ,the dexterity limitations caused by diseases is what i'm looking at as well as ageing. The majority of current kitchen aids are very limited to specific types of dexterity problems and not very inclusive and not only that arnt very visually appealing finished in my opinion :grin: which seems unfair. So i'm currently coming to the end of creating a knife/knifes (which is why i wish i saw this post earlier! :cry:) that can be used by a range of people suffering from dexterity problems but that can preform most cutting actions of conventional knife but reducing stress on joints and reducing wrist and finger movements.

I dunno if you guys who are having trouble finding something on the market that fits your needs, would be willing to supply me with some information on what you need and what your looking for in a knife. I would be very interested and appreciative for any information.

If anyone wants to see what ive created so far as well I would be happy to send some pictures when i get my 3d model completed soon :smile:.

Also creating a range of saucepans that can be lifted using the wrists/forearm instead of hands for people suffering from poor dexterity also, if that is of interest to anyone.

My email is [edited]

look forward to hearing from someone
Hi Bobbym89,

Thanks for your interest in the topic. I have sent you a private email(hope that`s ok?)

I look forward to your reply


Big C
Thanks alot big c, got your email, will get back to you later today
apologies for the awful grammar in that post everyone!


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Hi Big C,

My name is Jordan and I'm a final year student at Imperial College. My project this year involves designing a hand-held object for people with limited dexterity, and my group and I have decided to focus on assistive devices for people with Parkinsons. We specifically chose to look specifically at assistive devices for the kitchen due to the comments we've encountered online.

What I've gathered is that, in terms of a knife, people have tended to purchase electric knives but these are extremely chunky and fail pretty early on (you cant really rely on the mechanical components). Apart from this, I'm not too sure that there's that much out there apart from rocking knives and knives built into chopping boards. I was therefore looking to create something new for this and was wondering if you would be willing to provide me with information regarding what you would look for/require from a knife such that it would meet your criteria. I would truly be grateful for any information that you would be able to provide. If there are any other items related to the kitchen that you find inadequate which still hasn't been made/solved for, any information on what you're looking for/specifications from them would also be great (for example we've looked into creating an assistive saucepan lid to avoid having to fully grip and completely remove the saucepan lid when cooking).

Please feel free to email me regarding any comments you have to [email address removed by moderators]

Look forward to hearing from you :D,




Hi Jordan your project sounds really interesting i have a few ideas which i will put down on an email to you

Regards Big C

Thanks Big C!


Not really Kitchen and Catering Although i used too work in Catering.

But i do have an idea for you too consider

 if anyone else agree's they have the same problem

When i go shopping as someone with parkinsons my biggest bug bear in the supermarket is packing the shopping, i often have too ask the till operator too open the what was cheap bags, but since they are now 5p we use the bags for life, the thing i encounter and my point..

they dont stay open at the top or they flop about making it hard if not difficult.

I agree completely sea angler i give up packing my shopping i always asked for assistance!

Thanks for the help sea angler! We'll consider it and see if we can come up with some ideas.

And to think I've been blaming the bags!! 


I wonder whether a small version of something like the gizmo  for making garden waste sacks into a a rigid circle at the top could be devised?  Or what about a small version of the round  pop up laundry bin to put inside the regular bag?  Also putting anything into an envelope or a nyrex folder is really frustrating.  You wouldn't think that such a simple action actually involved such fine coordination.