Knee pain

Does anyone get knee pain?  I am sure this is as a result of walking badly and find that the further I walk the worse the pain becomes and eventually by the end of the day I can hardly weight bear and my knee can throb with pain  - I try to focus on walking properly but it is becoming a bit of a problem now - -any advice appreciated


It is easy to think all problems are part of the Parkinson's, but other conditions can be responsible for pain and other symptoms.

You may well have osteoarthritis and there are good treatments for this, eg cortisone injections, anti-inflammatory meds, joint replacements....I would recommend seeing your GP and getting professional advice.

Good luck!



i have acute shoulder pain always it has grown worse over the last six month .although i am fairly active if i stay in one position for a period of time i hurt badly.i am not sure if this is a sign of Parkinson but every little thing now that my body fails on i worry.

i am 6ft 2 and recently lost a lot of weight around 2 half stone. but even before this i had severe erectile dysfunction caused by lack of dopamine my brain wasn't making.the gp put it down to help at all. now my symptoms are aggressive my tremors worse my speech is worse and i lose memory and balance lovely wife is supportive but when my body goes into spasms i have to move away from legs also lock down as cannot move. this is a creeping disorder and i hate it i no longer am in control of it and feel useless.