Does anyone have problems pulling up knickers

Yes takes ages most annoying when out and about.


Couldn’t help smiling at your title though…

yes. boxers at least. I struggle to balance on one leg which used to be easy

Same here! - It’s slowly crept in last couple of years with me.
Isn’t balancing on one leg one of the many physical balance tests they do when initially assessing somebody for PD?

Yes, and trousers. My left hand can become very stiff and I am effectively one handed at these times. The problem is usually in restaurant loos - stuck on my own getting hot and panicky. I cannot pull tops on over my head without them twisting and becoming stuck. I am slim so I step into as many clothes as possible, although it can be a struggle over the hips. Oh joy.

My problem isn’t so much knickers but with swimming shorts I tend to get my left foot caught in the lining also socks, I catch my toe nails when pulling them on. I was tempted to say something funny and rude about the knicker subject but felt the Moderators would slap my wrists again. LOL


A dressing stick may help and sit rather than balance on one leg to start where possible

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Yes!! They’re called “underwear” here in Canada! But yes I have trouble. The sides get twisted.

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