My creative experience tends to be dabbling in all sorts of things. Making cards, knitting cards, writing poems, and crochet and knitting. About a year ago I joined a knitting group at our local library. It was formed to help knit hundreds of leaves for a knitting exhibition at the South Shields custom house, all illustrating favourite children's stories. A lot of children's stories are based in woods, hence all the leaves! Most of us didn't know anyone else, and I was the only one with parkinson's. It was great fun. We went on to do hats and gloves for a christmas shoe box appeal, olympic dolls for a disply in the library, and long colourful streamers for this years christmas exhibition at the custom house. I find I can still do knitting and it is good excercise for the fingers and tongue! The people who run the exhibitions are much more experienced and clever than we are, we just do some of the donkey work to help them. There are other library groups around south tyneside who started with leaves too! What's nice is that it is casual, you just drop in when you can and stay as long or short as you can, our session is on a Wednesday morning. On a not so good day I might just go for the natter. You can also do something small and achievable knowing it will benefit someone somewhere. If you would like to see some pictures of the custon house exhibitions go to and click on pictures. I also made a slug for the woodland floor of Little Red Riding Hood. I'm not sure if you can see it in the photos! I've not noticed anyone else doing knitting so far.
Welcome aboard Bagpipes, it's great to hear about your work. It's very visual and so really good to be able to see photos on the link you provided. There's some amanzing work there and you obviously get a lot out of the group aspect of it - I couldn't spot you slug but I did look at all the photos and was amazed at the colours and the quality of the work. Perhaps some forum members might want to get together and take a trip to the Customs House (South Shields) to see the Christmas exhibition?
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just to say, having looked at the pictures, that the outcomes look really great and what a fabulous way of involving anyone in an "art" project. You've obviously got a lot from it in lots of ways. I think there may be members of my branch who might like to get involved. how do they do that?
Sorry not to reply earlier to request for how to get involved.
If people are near enough to south tyneside, there are groups in many of the libraries. The main materialistcs group is more serious knitting, they are responsible for the projects, their web site will say where they meet, it used to be at the custom house on a Saturday.
I believe there are other knitting groups around the country so an inquiry at libraries or other community websites might come up with something. Hope this is a help
thanks bagpipes
you may be interested in "knitting a spring garden" at