Knowledge is power

There is a free three week course through Future Learn called, GOOD BRAIN BAD BRAIN PARKINSON'S run through the Birmingham university I scored 84% not bad for someone with learning difficualtys.

Good point BB. Learning more about the condition is a great way of taking control and knowing how to deal with your symptoms.

The course is available online using videos and webpages. It is free, takes 3 weeks to complete and is designed to be undertaken by a large group of people at the same time. The advantage of this is that you can chat online to other participants and discuss the content of the course.

There isn't yet a date for the next running of this course but you can register your interest.




Thank you EF I found this course very interesting and guess what my PD specialist nurse took course and scored 79% compared to my 84% that is why I say Knowledge is power.



Unfortunately I got the link slightly wrong

this is the right one


no worries EF thanks again xx