Lack of but B12

Hello I’ve just joined the forum. My husband was diagnosed 6 years ago. A recent blood test revealed he was low in vit B12. Has anyone else had this problem?

Yes, I was diagnosed with low B12 at the start of my Parkinson’s journey.

Thanks for reply. May I ask if you received B12 injections?. My husband is 6 years plus down the line with PD. He recently started to become weak in upper body strength and extremely tired. He’s just had a slight increase in his Ropinerole after years of his meds being unchanged. We’re hoping this with the B12 treatment will get him back to where he was about 6mknths ago. He also underwent a total knee replacement 3months ago so he’s obviously still recovering from surgery as well.

Hi @Jean1
I was diagnosed with low B12 when I had blood tests when I first went to my GP with tremors (so just before I was diagnosed with PD). I was prescribed cyanocobalamin tablets which raised my levels but the GP then wouldn’t continue them so I now buy B12 tablets and take them daily.


Hi Clare, thanks for the info. I am awaiting a call from our GP this week and just hope it gets addressed soon as it could be what is causing his lack of muscle strength and extreme fatigue over the past few months. I have read that it can given by injection too. So fingers crossed!


I was prescribed only tablets, which were stopped when my levels reached normal, I buy my own now. I was also low in vitamin D, with the same outcome.

I believe it’s quite common for PWP to be low in B12 and D vitamins.

Thanks for info. I’m hoping if he starts to take B12 he will regain his former strength and get some energy back as he seems constantly tired these days. I was initially putting it down to post op fatigue after his total knee replacement but it’s probably a combination of this and PD. He’s just had an increase in Ropinerole after a long period on the same meds since diagnosis so finger’s crossed things will improve.

Hello Jean 1 Same story with me. I had a course of injections of B12 and now buy the tablets. I also take vit D tablets in the winter, and make sure I get some time in the sun in the summer.

Hi Mosie thanks for your reply. We are still waiting to hear back from GP re injections. The vitamin deficiency was found in hospital after blood tests. My husband always seems to be tired and often just falls asleep. Not sure if it’s the lack of B12 or his PD meds or combination of both… Did you find once you started on the injections you felt better and all round improvement in general? For example, not as tired and increased muscle strength and energy. I will also ask PD nurse about Vit D tablets and see if they can help.