Lack of Neuro advice from our 2 Neuro consultants

PLEASE SHARE this rant as one Doc who came out to Trevor said "trust us your frontline services will never be touched whilst the Tories are in power" he ended the statement with a sarcastic snort.
I have to say our Mp Andrew Turner has tried his very best to wade thru NHS waffle and smoke and mirrors.
Yesterday Trev had a problem with a new medication he was put on 3 weeks ago,we phoned his excellent GP Doc Gove,alas he is on a weeks holiday but another GP from the practice called back but was honest enough to say Trevors parkinsons and his drugs list was out of her remit,and to call his Neuro surgeon.
Here is the stumbling block first you call St Mary's for her appointments clerk,who then gives you a number to call in Southampton! for another clerk,who then says "I cannot add or change any appointments or give advice you need to call her secretary" another number to call[this is okay for me to do but if you were an older carer for anybody with Parkinsons,m/s or Moter Neurone disease you may well have given up by
When we did make contact with Dc Manson's secretary we were told "she is away for a week" any chance of talking to Dr Furby?the other neuro surgeon who jollys over to the Island from Southampton "ahh no he is also on holiday"?
The Parkinsons nurse who we are told started her post 2nd Feb?[given her work load on the Island 6 months down the line she will be off ill thru no fault of her own}ahh no we have no name and no phone number?
All this on a day when a letter came to usvai our MP from a Ms/Mrs Johnson acting for Mrs Karen Baker NHS chief executive ISLE OF WIGHT HEALTH?!!! stating there were enough clinical sessions on the Island for anybody with a Neuro disease to get in touch with there consultant? dOC MANSON IS OVER TWICE A WEEK FROM SOUTHAMPTON....AS IS DOC FURBY....Just not this week when they are both off?or the Parkinsons nurse who it would seem has been appointed in the Isle of Wight Health Authority's minds but not appeared for anybody with any Neuro disease.All we wanted was a yes or no as to whether Trev should stay on his tablet from somebody on the Isand,why should his health suffer because there is no cover here what so ever......not only his health I am 14 days post op from another knee replacement and yet I am back to the role of carer because of the very nature of Parkinsons.
Whose bright idea was it to move the nerve centre of the Neuro unti to Southampton?it does not work for people on the Island sufferer or carers it adds strain which at best is a nuicence,at worst can aggravate an already awful illness..PLEASE SHARE FOR ALL PEOPLE WHO HAVE A NEURO DISEASE OR ALAS MAY WELL GET THE DIAGNOSIS THEY HAVE ONE..XFollowing  on from this yesterday I spoke to Mr Turner our Mp he would like to hear from any Parkinsons patients who have suffered problems getting/sorting appointment,what the lack of a nurse has meant to patients and carers,as he is willing to take it to the Isle of Wiight Trust to try and get this silly situation sorted somehow,and how many Parkinsons patients were made aware that Neuro services would be based in Southampton?.......please get back to me with names as the more who come forward the more Mr Turner will have to show the Trust...take care Nin..xx