Lack of sleep & feeling hyper

HI Fellow parkinsonians, carers etc etc
its been almost 20 years since i was first diagnosed this nightmare we all face with never 2 days the same. Over the last few months, im getting more and more " Hyper " like an energiser bunny lol........this then normally keeps me awake untill the hyperness goes so then i can relax and get some shut eye. Cant tell when this hyperness is going to raise its head, if so i would use this situation to do some painting around the house *winks* sometimes ive even gotta cut down my meds (stalevo 8 times a day plus 1/2 a sinemet 8 times a day )i stop taking the half a sinemet until it levels itself out. the main part of this is the lack of sleep a few days a week, ive tried staying in bed but i only persist in tossing & turning most of the night, then waking my wife up, who dont sleep that well herelf, and that really gets me down , interupting her sleep grrrrr........i havent mentioned this problem to my conultant or gp a of yet, thinking will they just pump me more medication of which i wud prefer not too !!.......... just wondering if you guys have any ideas ??
hope you are all still fighting
to the best of yor capabilities
hope so or spankins for ya !! lol
well the ladies anyways hahaha
keep smiling & be safe !!
((hugs))--- Hugh aka Welshbearuk
Hello Hugh

I have similar but probably milder problem. I've only been diagnosed 2yrs. I'vehad a hyper night last night. So far I've washed the dining room floor (on my knees because I find I flood the place with a mop these days) done a load of laundry, trimmed the edges of the grass all round repotted two houseplants, found and despatched about 15 slugs, I've been on here a few times done the crossword, made some breakfast muffins, I will collapse after lunch and if I don't have to be anywhere I suppose it doesn't really matter because I live on my own and I am not disturbing anyone. When I think I have found a 'cure' it only lasts a short while I take 8mg slow release Ropinirole