Lactose intolerence and parky

I have recently had a Colonoscopy for continual Diarreah, (since Feb) Bloating, Gas, and upper and lower stomach discomfort and occasional nausea. Stool test was clear and so far it seems that the Colonoscopy was as well, just awaiting the results of a couple of random biopsies. For a while now i have wondered if it could be an intolerence to Lactose as my symptoms match. Does anyone else have this? It is worse after eating generally.

Thanks for your help


Hi Dolly

I had very bad diarrhoea when I took Stavelo.  It cleared up almost as soon as I stopped taking that particular drug.


have you tried eating blueberry Google benefits of eating blueberrys. good ! 

Thank you Anne and Gus...i appreciate your replies, i will Google the benefits of Blueberries, i know they are full of antioxidants and my old Mum swears by them, she is 86 so obviously works ay?!! I am avoiding anything that creates extra gas at the moment, cabbage etc until the tum settles a bit.  I have heard that some meds can cause the runs as well....a process of elimination  i guess.  Hoping that lifes treating you both pretty good?

warmest wishes


sorry to hear you not 100% hope you get better too! also blueberrys stimulate the brain.

I must tell my old Mum that as she has a memory like a goldfish since a serious stroke...bless her. She eats Blueberries every day and anything she can find with them in it. They are on my shopping list Gus....thanks for the info big grin

I dont suffer with diarreah , but i do suffer with a awful lot of bloating and gas , especially after i eat anything with wheat . bread , cakes oh and chips  cause lots of gas red face doctor thought it may have been cealiac disease but tests came back ok  i have learnt to ;live with and try to limit my intake of anything wheat based no cause was ever found

Thank you Shelly....i have found since having the clear out before the Colonoscopy that things have settled a bit....and at the mo i am not rushing to the loo at all hours, which is a relief. I think there is a lot of connection with diet and i have started eating Blueberries as suggested by Gus and generally being more careful. A pal of ours has been like this for 8 years and many many tests, he was told it could be scar tissue from an old appendix scar, Coliac, lactose intolerant, nerves, and finally at last has been diagnosed with Crohns disease. i am Awaiting results of biopsies but gastroenterologist was happy that what she saw was clear. Fingers crossed!

Thanks again

Hi Dolly

I suffer from the same symptoms as you, but so far am only taking Azilect.  I've had a colonoscopy, twice, tested for Celiac, lactose and lost week glucose intolerance.  All have come back clear.  I think the next step is testing the level of bile not reabsorbed into the body.

The constant running to the loo is a nightmare - I have to stop on journeys to use toilets in shops as I know I won't make the next 5 mins home, going out on a walk and half a mile away know I have to get home there and then, or I will be in trouble.

Been going on so long now - there has to be an end in sight.


Hi Seabreeze...........good to hear from you, and thank you for your reply. I am so sorry that you are going through this and that none of the tests you have had has shed any light on what is causing the problem. At the moment i am finding i am generally back to how i used to be ...a couple of times in the morning, and still loose but not watery as it has been for months. I am trying to see if certain foods are affecting me and the other day i ate baked beans on toast for breakfast and by the afternoon the gripes, bloating and urgency were back. I still haven't had any results back, it is 3 weeks this friday...hope that is a good sign!eye roll

I am interested to know how you get on Seabreeze please keep in touch....and i really hope that you can get some help completely disrupts your life doesn't it?

warmest wishes



Hi Dolly


apologies for the late reply I have been trying to ignore PD of late.  The latest test for me is bile salt reabsorbtion.........however my "problem" also appears to have disappeared recently.......will keep you posted.


I was diagnosed with wheat intolerance this year, I do still have some tummy issues but they are improved since cutting stuff out. I hope you find something that helps long term