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Hi - I am about to start medication, Sinemet 12.5/50 3 times per day increasing gradually over 4 weeks to 25/100 3 times per day. The thing is my wife & I are travelling to New Zealand for 3 weeks in mid February where the time difference is 13 hrs. Could anyone who's done such trips please give me tips about adjustments of the medication intake and any experience they had. I am a wee bit worried about any disturbance on arrival to NZ and the same on arrival back to the UK!
Morning Janig...

... one of those "insomnia nights!"

Obviously not a Doctor, but my wife and I have just come back from a "once in a lifetime" holiday to Ecuador and the Galapagos...(2 hour flight to Madrid followed by an 11 hour flight to Quito).. I had similar shortcomings and asked my Consultant who said "keep taking your medication as if you were on GMT time until you arrive, then continue to take at the same times but by the local 'clock'"...

I was also concerned about the altitude, as one of my "manifestations" tends to be tight-chestedness/shortness of breath - again, I was advised simply to be sensible, do what I could and if I wanted to do more to just take it easily.

I was fine.. the only "problem" (apart from my inevitable chest/breath thing) was a daily nose bleed because of the altitude (at one point got to 4127 metres... in feet, a lot!)..

Again... not a medic,but trusted advice proved sound.. have a lovely time and a safe journey.. More than most people, we have got to do these things while we can.

Sincere best wishes... Bursardavid.
not very good at waitin for stuff to be said i have pd was 35 when dx im 45 now text or ring me names don any time dont sleep much theese days lol
Sorry Bursardavid and Dadio about your insomnia, guess I will be one too as the PD progresses!

Thank you Bursardavid for your suggestions. Let me see if I got what you said right: Continue on GMT until I arrive to Auckland - which means after an overnight flight take the UK morning tablets when I get to Kuala Lumpur for our stopover in the evening, followed by a couple of times until the morning. Then catch the flight to Auckland arriving there at midnight, taking the UK morning tablets during the flight and UK noon tablets on arrival at midnight (1 pm UK time, 13 hours behind) and then UK evening tablets in the morning NZ time. In order to keep to this schedule means that while in NZ I have to take the tablets mid afternoon (UK morning), at night (UK noon), and morning (UK evening). Complicated ain't it. Some thing to get your head around if insomnia hits again:smile:


HI janig

I have just come back from a two month trip to Australia and New Zealand. this was my third trip down under and I have never had any problem with meds. I keep my watch on uk time until I arrive in Australia/new zealand and take meds as usual. Once I arrive I change to local time but note what uk time was and simply convert the next 'due' time to local. One point - I am on sinimet 12.5 and have ben for three years. I am wondering why you are increasing the strength of the drug so quickly rather than increaing the dose to four times a day which is what my pd nurse recommended when I felt i needs a 'bit extra' This works fine for me and although there willl come a time when I will have to go onto the higher strength I feel it is better to keep this in reserve as long as poss.
Have a great trip and dont be afraid to tell the airline you have PD and need to move about frequently - it has always helped me to get the seats we want, although Singapore Airlines did require me to carry a fit to fly leter from my Dr.However no-one asked to see it!!

Best wishes Janey
Thank you Janey very much for your helpful tips. I now know where you and Bursardavid are coming from, and will follow your advice re local timing (and your tip about the flight)

As for medication dosage, I gather you are taking one 12.5/50 tablet 3 times per day. I have a pronounced right hand/arm tremor along with intermittent & lighter left/right foot tremors (otherwise largely OK). The neurologist obviously thinks I require a dosage of 2 12.5/50 tablets 3 times per day to curb these tremors. However I will discuss your point with my GP tomorrow and ask about the availability of PD nurse in the Edinburgh area

Thanks again