Lager beer

hi all,I wonder if anyone can identify with something that i'm sure i heard a fellow pd sufferer claim,and this claim was made a few years ago,it was that a certain brand of lager beer had quite a remarkable effect in calming down the trmeors,,also am i alone in what i beleive iss aa sympton of pd and taht si breathlessness,especially when lesning foreward to tie my shoelaces or indeeed just going throuh the motion of putting on a pair of shoeos,

Hi davjarrett,
My husband finds a little drop of Guiness helps.
Take care

Hi Davjarrett I find a couple of bottles of stella really helps me i wish it wouldnt wear off, as for breathlessness i get exactly the same as you . worse when bending over weeding the garden, as though the stiff legs arnt enough eh !A T B PARKYPETE

Hi Dave

Before being dx'd as PD I had and ET (Essential Tremor) - my neuro recommended (in his words) that I got "mildly p.ssed" to help alleviate the symptoms. Unfortunately my body wont tolerate alcohol so I never got to try it. Notwithstanding I have a mate with ET and his tremor stops when alcohol fuelled but is much worse the next day during hangover phase!!
If it works then there must be a link between alcohol and getting the neorotransmitters firing again????

Happy experimenting (in moderation) - have one for me!!

Good luck


Hi all

I would agree with you all that a little alcohol does reduce my tremor but do you think its to do with being that little more relaxed than the actual beverage x

not sure if i am posting in the right place but here goes...
has anyone any info on weighted wristbands to help dampen down tremor when writing? I am having a terrible time writing at the moment and as i am a nurse its starting to make serious problems for me
Or maybe someone has other tips to help?