Iam Lorraine, age 55, and was diagnosed with Parkinsons in 2004. On the whole I have remained quite positive and tried to be as independent as possible. However the issues with my mobility and the freezing has made me less confident these days. I would like to speak to others in the same situation as myself as I do not know anyone else with the same issues and would appreciate any suggestions on how to deal with this.
Hi Lainmac, Welcome to the Forum. Well,I have had PD for about 40 years. My mobility stayed pretty good until a couple of years ago,then I found I couldn't get round the supermarket as easily. Last year I got a mobility scooter which really helps. Also, freezing can be very common in PD. Different people use different methods to get them selves moving again. Whoever you see about your condition I suggest you seek their advice, they should be able to help.
Blue Angel

I noticed that you were diagnosed 40 years ago and have only recently had mobility problems.

That is music to my ears and proves to me that this illness can be combated by good management.

Would you please share with us your history with PD.

At what age were you diagnosed?

What drug regime did you start on and what are you on now?

What changes have you seen in your time and what do you believe kept you mobile for so long?


lainimac,welcome to puk forum:smile:im ali been dx 12 difficult for me to say bout moterbility with pd side ofthings cus i have other problems as well,athritus of back ,hips and spine which effects me a great deal to.but if i was to guess i would say may be about 4 or 5 years.i use a moterbility scooter and walk with two sticks,i no some people dunna like scooters but it was the best thing i ever did.we a re all different as you no and progress in different ways,exercise is a good thing to be doin,join the local gym through your gp and you have one to one with someone helping you out with things you are able to go on.:smile:
Hi Lorraine,

Welcome to the forum. I have been diagnosed for 6 years or so and am now 62 years of age. I too am having issues with mobility and confidence. I have been on several types of medication which did not suit, so today I am about to change my meds yet again. I have been prescribed Sinemet CR (constant release) which will gradually replace the normal Sinemet. Don't know about you Lorraine, but my legs wont hold me up very long and when I stand in a queue I find I can't stand still. Feel I have got to keep moving. This has taken away a lot of my confidence and I feel I don't want to go very far on my own. My PD nurse (who is fantastic) feels I will benefit from slow release meds so I start the change over tonight. I have also been referred to a physiotherapist who was due to come to me this morning but had to cancel due to the bad weather. She is coming next Wednesday so I am hoping to get some more information and help from her. Keep in touch.

Kind regards

:wink::smile: Hi Lainimac I'm Neekalu I was diagnosed in 1992 my arm would shake and that was when I was told I had Parkinson's disease.I was in total shock.I left the doctor's office and started crying and cried all the way home. I know what you are talking about freezing I know when I'm late on one of my medicines it causes me to freeze just not move or I baby step or I'm on my toes.I don't know for sure mine is called freezing but I know I have all most have fallen because of it. I wanted you to know you can talk to me this is my first time back here. I came when they first started the forum and I just suddenly quit coming for no reason. plus I was having trouble with my knee and finally April of last year I had knee replacement.I'm back and I'm ready to find out what's new that may help me.If I may be of help in any way let me know. Neekalu
good luck with knee replacement my Hsiang had one done 3 years ago and is going in again next week t o have keyhole on the same knee . I have never been very happy with my husband taking Sinemet he sometimes seems to be worse after taking it than before . he takes the CR at night .