Landline and smartphone recommendations

Hello, this is my first post here. My father is 74 and his Parkinson’s is pretty advanced now. My mum was his carer but sadly she died in May and he is moving into supported living next week. Can anyone recommend a good smartphone and landline phone? I’ve checked large button phones on amazon but they all have poor reviews so would like to hear from real users. He has an old doro flip phone but struggles to use the tiny screen. He really needs a smart phone so that he can communicate better with family and use an Alexa, but he has trouble with his fingers and dexterity. I can’t seem to find Parkinson’s-friendly kit that is also good tech. Thank you so much.

For what its worth, I am older than your father and also use a doro flip phone which I find is ideal for my needs. Of more importance - the current issue of Which magazine carries a major feature assessing the best mobile phones, The feature is broken down into three sections: “Top Range” -" Mid Range" and “Budget Range” and goes into great detail about every aspect and the relative cost of each phone. Might be worth your while to take out a subscription