Laser walker

Does anyone have any experience of laser cue walkers? We are looking at the U-Step 2 Laser cue walker which is very expensive but if it works for people we’re happy to pay for it

Hi @carriep,

I’m sorry to see no one has reached out yet to offer their opinions on the U Step 2’s laser model and share their experiences with it.

We do have a few mentions on the forum it seems. You can check out those threads here if you’re interested, but they do largely reference the U Step 2 itself, and less so the laser feature. We have some general threads on laser assisted walking as well.

I would recommend giving one of our advisers a ring on the helpline on 0808 800 0303, as they may be able to speak to the U Step 2 Laser more and provide some helpful insights.

Best wishes,
Moderation Team

I have got a laser q walking stick coming on Friday, my physio has sourced me one bless her. I’m hoping it help if even a bit as I freeze terribly. Maybe worth creating the seen at home with masking tape on the floor, if it works you maybe in luck with this item. Wish you all the best with it. You could maybe ask if they would let you have one on demo and see how you get on with it?