Lasting / Enduring Powers of Attorney

My Mom and Dad are both getting on and not in the best of health. My Mom, in particular, has had a stroke and isn't the woman she once was. Their estate is not worth a lot, well below the £300000 tax threshold.

Does anyone know anything about setting up a LPA. Is it worthwhile doing it?

There is unlikely to be anyone in the family who will cause trouble.


Hi I have been going to get it done but keep putting it off . I must make a start . I see that you can do it yourself on line but obviously have to know how to go about it
When my mum had a stroke we did it with a solicitor cost approx £80 . Will cost a lot more that that now because they have changed the law ..

Will be interested in hearing how you get on I will do the same .

Everyone should have LPA done for them. Once something happens and someone has to take over it is then much harder to do the LPA. You need to do it now with their co-operation.
You do the paperwork now and then in act it when it is needed.

My mum has dementia and is at home with carers. I have power of atorney.
I pay her bills , buy her shopping etc.

The most useful thing I did with the POA power of atorney, was to get her post redirected to our house, this made dealing with everything much easier.

Hi All
If you look at Martins Money Tips you will find this week features an article telling you everything you need to know about Lasting Powers of Attorney.

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Hi All,

I think it is very important that everyone looks into such things as PoA, wills and if you wish to donate your brain. It is a good thing to do on several fronts, we did all these things when we were 50yrs old and I am about to set up our funeral arrangements and pay for them now then we can forget about it, and when the time comes our son can just hand over the folder to the funeral people.
I had to use the PoA when my husband had to go into a mental health unit for a short while due to his medication as it coincided with him reaching official retirement age.
When we made our wills we did tenants in common as because we both have health problems we wanted to be able to leave something for our son, so we have both left our half to him with the reservation that the one left can remain living in the house for rest of their life. Because of these different varitions it is very important to consult a solicitor.
When I was involved with our local branch we had a solicitor to give us a talk every couple of years, then people can ask any questions without having to pay and follow up on actions after. I hope this help to get people thinking about getting these things done as it protects your wishes.
best wishes