Lasting Power of Attorney


I am currently looking after and caring for both parents whom have health challenges. Mum has Parkinsons and Lewy Body Dementia and is not capable of understanding or deal with financial and her health needs, my Dad is 87yrs and has sleep aponea ,tinnitus and general ailments , my question is my brother and I would like to set up a combined lasting power of attorney to cover both parents as should Dad pass away we would need to do assist Mum with both financial and health issues and should Mum pass away with Dad’s ailling health would also need to support him. Many thanks in advance.

Hi @Kiwispirit, :wave:

I’m sure looking after both parents with health challenges cannot be easy and we here to support you in any way we can.

We have a lot of information on how you and your brother can set up a combined power of attorney via the Parkinson’s UK website. You can find this here:

If you need further support on this, please do not hesitate to give our helpline a call - our advisers would love to offer you more help on this. Give us a call when you can on 0808 800 0303.

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It is a really difficult situation that you are in - I am having similar conversations with my own parents for different reasons while looking into this for myself as well because I also have Parkinson’s Disease. Life is certainly not simple.

This is the government guide that you will need to read:

I’m no legal expert and this is tricky stuff but I think I’m correct in saying that you can’t make a lasting power of attorney for somebody else - the person it applies to has to make it for themselves. They can have help but have to be able to understand the process and make their own decisions and if this is not the case then the document would not be accepted.

Each LPA costs £82 to register ( or maybe it’s £84). For somebody looking at a social/healthcare and also a financial LPA that is over £160. I am currently saving to be able to put these in place. I don’t know if you get a refund if you get something wrong or it isn’t accepted so I would seek advice before applying for anything if you have any concerns that it will be rejected.

As well as the links you have already been given, which I would definitely check out, Age UK have a good section on LPAs which might be worth a read.

Hoping you get some support with this and get to where you need to be, Jx

I arranged POAs a couple of years ago. My circumstances are quite straightforward so I was able to complete the forms quite easily on line, however all information said forms are returned for small errors as it is a legal document so I had it checked by a professional and I was charged a greatly reduced rate as I had completed most of the work. It cost a bit more but I had peace of mind. If you have to resubmit you are charged again. I wrote my Will at the same time. Had my circumstances been more complicated I would have not completed the forms myself