Late Posting

I was away from home since last Thursday and only read the Forum when I got home yesterday. I see that the thread re Ray's expulsion has been closed but I feel I should have the right to say how I feel. I have not got the time, or the energy, to go into it all in detail but I would just like it to be known that I am disgusted with the way Ray has been treated. He has been a voice for a lot of people who had lived with the devastating results of the negative effects of DAs. He has had to endure other people on the Forum doubting his experiences and making light of how some people's lives have been effected. I have never liked to go into too much detail on this or any other website about the ins and outs of my husband's behaviour when he was on DAs as I am a private person and it was all so awful. Our lives have been ruined. We are still together after 29 years of marriage but nothing will ever be the same again. Yes Ray is passionate and he could sometimes appear to be inciting reaction but he has been through hell - like many of us have. I am on antidepressants and have had counselling (which hasn't helped) because of my husband's behaviour. It is something that is with me every day - remembering all the things that he did - and will be forever. I completely understand Ray's wishes to keep this in the limelight. Even my husband's neurologist and Parkinson's nurse (who were no help really) are awkward with us now because of all the things that happened. They don't know how to react because it is all so taboo and they cannot be seen to admit that they have prescribed medication that has ruined lives.

Everyone just wants to brush this subject under the carpet but it is REAL and it is happening to some other poor family now. The PDS would rather show their chintzy teapot and cups picture and pictures of positive smiling people on their website and in publications. Yes - let's be positive and show people that there is a life after Parkinson's and that people can live full lives despite it but don't try to pretend that some people have not been so lucky and that some of these medications are very dangerous. That is all Ray was trying to do.
i have reavied a email from the moderators ,not with a reason .but to tellme leythers post has been removed about me and he has been rittern to ,iam still waitin for my call from them ,i was asked to give my number last friday .im hopin i will get it today as im home allday .ive sent back my email to them as well.and made it quite clear how i felt and others ,and that they should give ray some respect and tell him wot is happinin.thankyou libra lady for your post,and i hope your ok x:smile:
Dear ali j,
As we made clear in two emails to you previously:

It is not appropriate for us to speak to you discussing the details of moderation actions taken against another user. That was not the purpose of us trying to get into contact with you.

Users are given a reason for their suspension at the time that this action is taken and that happened in this case. If further details are required, any user should feel free to contact us for clarification. In the current case, we have not received an email asking for any further clarification from the user, nor have we found anything in our spam mail.

We invited you to call us about complaints in a previous post about how you were treated by moderators and by the organisation. We have not called because that has now been passed to our complaints team who will be contacting you shortly.
i had a call from ur self today ,thankyou for sayin you will put my complaint to the complaints section.but there was one thing i did not understand when i finished talkin to you,you was in a rush cus of ameetin ,and my head is all over the plae cus of the change of meds as your aware of cus i sounded kinda drunk on the phone.but we discussed rays situation ,ino ur sayin we dont but we did ,and wot i wonna no is ,you said a eamil was sent to him last friday tellin him the reason why he had been banned from the forum ,but now im thinkin if that happinined why has the thread been let to carry on till monday with everyone goin on about it ,and even mods postin on there as well if they new a eamil had been told me on the phone ray had not answered this email back to you ,which im findin very strange ,cus that not rays way .and also i hav spoke to ray quite abit durnin this time and not once has he said he got a reason from you tellin him of his ban ,if he had done he would not of let his friends and other members carry on with the thread,he would of emailed me or got to me some other way .you then went on to say when i asked why was he asked to be ambasseder for puk about drugs etc,but on other hand be banned from the forum ,you said just cus he has done rong on the forum ,does not mean he can not do good off the forum and this is why he was asked ,that ray was a very keen man.but if you had takern any notice of his posts about drugs,he mentioned lots of times he had not been out of his house for neally 2 years.the feed backon things does not quite seem to add up to me.not at please now ive kinda got my head togeather can you please fill in the blank spaces please thankyou .ali j:smile:
Ali J,
Thank you for speaking to me on the telephone today.

As I mentioned in the old posting to close the last thread, we always inform users of the reasons for their suspensions as we did in this case at the time that we suspended the user.

We did acknowledge that we made a mistake in not making it clear that we had contacted the user and with not clarifying earlier that we do not share personal information about reasons for suspensions on the forum.

However, if you have further questions about this or if any user (including Ray of sunshine) would like further information about a moderation action taken against them, please do feel free to contact us at [email protected].

a mistake ?how many moderstors are there to this forum please?