Lateral flow tests

I’m just wondering if anybody has been for a lateral flow test and if so, how have people managed the process of registering? It is always questionable as to how well I will be able to use my smartphone at any given moment and if I am under pressure and being watched there is not a chance that I will be able to hit the right thing on the screen. My writing doesn’t fare any better. I read on the government’s website that I have to register when I arrive and I imagine, like everything at the moment, speed is of the essence in processing people through these centres. As I’m not working, I have had no need to make use of this service but now that we have a few new freedoms which I cautiously intend to take advantage of, it would seem prudent to use it. I am, however, worried that I will not be able to manage any of it and will be left trying to explain in a fairly public arena the problems I have due to Parkinson’s to somebody who is overworked and already in a rush and who probably doesn’t know much about the condition.
I recognise that I am capable of a great deal of unnecessary worrying🙄 and ultimately I will just have to go and do it, but I’m just wondering how other people have found the process?

Hi I have been for a few of these, I register on line and print out the paper with the bar code on. When I have got to the venue I have another piece of paper with my name, house number and post code, my mobile number and email address which I have shown to the person dealing with me and asked them to register for me. It’s hard for those who don’t have smart phones, the understanding and at the end of the day this facility is there. I don’t get my phone out when i get there I just asked them to register for me, I’m hard of hearing too so difficult to always understand when someone you are talking to is wearing a face mask. hope this helps, take care :smile:

Hi AnaElsa,
That is really useful advice, thank you so much for getting back to me. I will now be off to try this out today.
J x

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