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Hi moderators

Just a wee request. Next time there is an upgrade is it possible to change the default for last activity to 24hours (currently 12). I use it for a quick catchup and 12 hours isn't long enough after being away a day or so. It's a tad annoying having to change it back with every screen change.
Wonder if it annoys anyone else!
Hi Margaret

You can click to changes the hours of activity
Or even better, could it remember the user's last individual setting? That way we can choose our own timing.

Or even better better, in addition to the above, could we have the facility where it lists the threads updated since the user last logged on. That was available on the old forum.

how do i change it please?
When you log in ,click onto latest activity ,and next to the words

Latest Activity there is a box you can click onto.

Have you found it?

Thanks Roz, yes I had worked that out but it defaults everytime you visit a post and you have to continually reset it.
PS I like Grey's ideas
What about having a Latest Inactivity link????
We could see who is doing nothing, who is saying nothing and who is thinking nothing.

Whaddya say...............nothing?

Errrr..............thought so!!!!
Ha ha Poker very funny!!!!!!!!!!!:grin::grin:
Dont you know by now, O cruncher of the carotoid, that smilies dont smile up here in Sad admin City!!
Latest Inactivity Log #1

Subject: Grey

Doing: anything apart from what he should be doing

Saying: nothing (home alone)

Thinking: why am I doing this
Cos your a nutter, like the rest of us!!!
Nutters United - should make a good team!
Yeah right on can be
It's o'fishull. I'm nuts! and I thought I had a brain disease!! Bloody neuro got that one wrong.

OK, skip, what's my pozishun? And should I change the meds?

It would be an honour!
Hi there

Could it also remember where you have posted please. I posted on this forum the other day and for the life of me can't remember where it was!

If I remember, it was 2 floors down and second on the right.
I think???