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 My consultant in Somerset has suggested I try Opicapone to try to even out the wearing off/wearing on times. Somerset have approved Opicapone, but I live just over the border in Dorset, who will not fund it. I think this post code lotte is most unfair.  What should I do?

My consultant suggested I try Opicapone. To try to even out the wearing off/on times. Somerset will fund this, but not Dorset where I live. This post code lottery is most unfair. What shoul I do?

Hi @rosy,

It’s an issue we’re aware of and we’re working with professionals and people with Parkinson’s to gather evidence about the treatment’s effectiveness so area prescribing committees and clinical commissioning group formulary committees have evidence they can use to get the submissions through.

I’d suggest that you write to your clinical commissioning group to raise your concerns, you could also copy your MP in too and ask for their support. We’d be happy to work with you on a draft letter – just contact us [email protected].

I hope you find this info helpful.

Best wishes,