Hi Parkinsons forum,

I have been asked by an American lawsuit firm called PW Parker | Wakeman LLP National Law Firm if they could represent me in a compulsive behaviour lawsuit, due to the effects of pathological gambling whilst under the influence of Dopamine Agonist for my Parkinsons symptoms.

I wanted to know if anyone on the forum knows anything about this law firm? As well as what is currently going on in America regarding the use of sinemet in the treatment of Parkinsons symptoms.

As you all might be able to relate, I’m feeling wary of committing to this path as I’ve already lost large sums of money due to my gambling obsession brought on by Dopamine Agonist… so if anyone in the community knows anything about successful lawsuits involving this I’d really appreciate it, and if anyone had any advice on whether I should take it further as well, I’d find it very helpful as I’m currently at a crossroads about what to do here.

Thanks in advance, Cuckoo52


Hi Cuckoo52
Are you living in America?
There have been many successful law suits there connected to DAs and OCDs.
There has not been 1 law firm in the U.K. who would act for the many victims here.
Sadly PDUK felt unable to help us fight the drug companies.
What is happening with Sinemet?
I don’t know anything about similar problems.
If I were you I’d go for it…on a no win no fee proviso!
Good luck!


hi golden-girl,no im a UK citizen,but as you rightly point out there does not seem to be any form of redress over here,these drugs have turned me into something i have never been and ive blown thousands of pounds ,money that is family savings,thankfully my Parkinson nurse recognised what was happening and has started medication change,im slowly being weaned off DA,s but the damage is already done,thanks for advice will try to keep forum informed of my progress with this


Hi Cuckoo ,
I wonder how a USA firm got your details?
I contacted an American firm and they said they couldn’t help outside the USA.
The drugs carried a warning after 2010 and our UK legal advice was that as the leaflet gave a (totally inaccurate ) warning…we had accepted the risk.
We lost everything…money, stable marriage, happiness.
Lives ruined and no one would help.
All for profit.
DON’T part with any money!
Let us know how you get on…


In answer to your question, I came across their site when I typed in Google search ““Parkinson medication and compulsive behaviour”” ,l clicked live chat bubble and basically told my story explaining that I was from UK, I gave them my email address but refused to give phone number, since then they have been emailing me to phone them or let them phone me, I was also of the opinion that American lawyers would not represent non American citizen but the email they sent seems to indicate that they want to represent me,l will give them my phone number and listen to what they have to say, maybe they are looking for large numbers of people in this situation to start something going in the UK. Anyways I will keep you posted bye for now


I have always been a fairly compulsive/obsessive personality even before pd.
I can’t say I’ve noticed anything changing since my diagnosis.
If anything I have become more laid back.
Slightly reclusive at times and I hate arguments or confrontation.
Gambling has never really appealed to me anyway.
I’m waiting for the sex maniac in me that I was warned about to appear​:joy::joy:
No sign yet.
In fact a total disinterest would be nearer to the mark.
Which has been strange.:astonished:


Well what have you got to lose?As long as you don’t part with ANY money!
Keep us informed…
Good luck