LDN - Low Dose Naltrexone

Hi. My father has had PD for nearly 20years now and must have tried all the drugs going. He is now on Stalevo, Symmetral and requip each day but his doses are quite low as any higher his hallucinations are uncontrollable. A friend of mine at work said his mother has had PD same amount of time as my dad with many of the same problems and confusion/hallucinations. They got her to try this LDN stuff and he said it has seemed to work wonders for her. He said she has great mobility now most of the day but it does wear off come evening. He also said her mood in general has improved too and she seems to be able to relax more. We are seeing my dads PD doctor in February and i wanted to ask him about this. We dont have anymore options for dad and it looks like we will have to continue to reduce his meds so that the hallucinations and confusion dont take over. I would love for him to try anything that might improve his days even just a little. Has anyone tried this or heard of it?
This is a repeat of my other post:

I could not navigate back to the person who enquired about this but if they google "Parkinsons Low dose naltrexone" they will find the link for past discussion of LDN on this forum
Thanks for your reply but i find it impossible to find anything on this forum! Can you remember what was posted about this so i have some sort of insight to it for PD before we see the specialist next week? Thank you, Emma
Hi Emz,

When I suggested googling Parkinsons Low dose naltrexone I literally meant
that if you use that particular phrase you will be able to navigate to the LDN discussion on this site. I know this because that's what I put in when I looked for the LDN discussion before I posted last ime. I never bother with the search facility on this forum as I've never found anything with it. There's nothing special about the words I used except that I used them with success before recommending this route. Google is a truly magical when you're looking for stuff. I once found what seemed to the very wise words of someone who thought very like me only to realise that it was me!! I hadn't quite grasped that posts here are open to the world. It was a while ago so I can't remember much about it except that therewas some sort of trial going on.

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I use Google all the time . Wouldn't manage without it

I'm interested to know more about LDN ( Low Dose Naltrexone). Just come across this thread from several years ago. Does anyone know if it can be taken alongside Madopar and Selegiline? Please let me know if you have any information. Thanks.



I'll introduce myself properly in the Introductions forum, but thought you might be interested in these sites for some LDN info:



I found a couple of people taking LDN for PD at the bottom of the list - and you can get from this page to see what other medications people are taking as well.

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Yes, I read those a while ago. Just wanted to know if anyone had tried it and what was the result?