LDvDiaignosed three weeks ago

My name is Gary I’m 66 years old and attended a consultation at the Neurology department at my local hospital three weeks ago when I received a clinical diagnosis for Parkinson’s Disease,
I was prescribed Co-Careldopa 12.5/50 beginning at two a day increasing weekly to six a day, my current symptoms are left hand tremors, lower back and neck pain, constipation and mild insomnia IE waking up an hour or so earlier than I need too, at the moment I’m still working as a self employed Private Hire Driver though only about twenty Hours a week, I have notified DVLA and my local licencing authority and am still permitted to drive and work at the moment.

Hello Gary and welcome to the forum. I’m your age and have some similar symptoms but not all the same. I was recently diagnosed too and thought it would be good to compare our journey into treatment as the weeks go by?

I’m finding the diagnosis a challenge although my GP suggested it could by PD months ago. I didn’t really believe him to be honest. What I find difficult is telling people - my grown-up sons especially. It’s not that my symptoms are so severe that they are easily noticed by the non- informed - so it seems odd to be explaining that I am going to probably change. How are you handling the news? Do you have family?

Best of wishes with your dvla stuff. Luckily I don’t rely on driving for work.

I like your username!