Leaky bits!

Hi folks, I havent put anything on the forum for ages but have aproblem I was diagnosed about6/7 years ago i consider myself lucky as i caught it early and have managed to keep it at bay i dont really suffer that much slight bachache very slight tremre occasionally, but have had problems with incontinence lately it has been coming on for ages but hadnt really talked to my gp firdtly i was checked for prostrate problems and it was found i had an enlarged prostate which using medication shrunk it but the problems worsened and i have had to pee!!! about 14 times a day,my docctor now thinks i have and over active bladder and am waiting presently waiting to have this confirmed and see what treatments are avaiaalable to me . I am wondering if other members have had this problem and would appreciate anybody elses help and what treatments they have had and if they have got over this embarassing problem. heres hoping gerry
always buy dark trousers!
thats not a joke.
i believe many pwp are on tablets to help, i've put that off as i've found madopar helped in that embarassing area more than DAs.