Learning about carers and life ahead of us

caring for some one with parkinsons can be a demanding job.seeing a loved one go down hill can effet the emoutions of the carer and the sufferer.sometimes it best to have care agency come in to the home to take the strain off a family member,but some folk rather do it for there loved one,and cope togeather through this journey.as time goes by symptoms devolep day by day,freezing,gait,riderty,and falls.many of us stay independent for many years from first d.attitude and being positive can have a huge impact on us.we also need to try and encorage other sufferers,so joining a pd group in your area can make a benifit.carers should advice us to be as independent as long as we can be.we may be able to medicate our self,or need promting at times.dementia may devlop with pd and symptoms change over the years.we need more care and advice if this happins.there are courses carers can go to to learn how to surport a pd sufferer,puk helpline can give advice on this.we have other carers on the outside as well like occupational health,speech thearpists,and phiseos.which all play a role in our pd lives.the gp can refere you to these sort of carers and you will be refered faily quickly.when your first dx with pdemoutins are highand we panic and worry about our futres.specially about money issues.but agin puk helpline can advice you on this,who to contact.incomesurport,esa dla,or other ones.your pd nurse has a big role in our lives as well,keeping hold of there mobile number is a very good idea,so it easier to call them when we are worried about something rather than srewing our selfs up till we see our neuro next.a forum also like puk is very welcoming and you meet many members,with pd or carers or family members wonting advice or a chat.sticking togeather and helping one another is a vital issue,i have found many friends through having pd,which have helped me through my journey.i wish all of you the best and i hope i have not rabbertied along,im here to try help,and also will need help as well.:smile:
Hi Alji words of wisdom once again,

My understanding is the forum is for anyone with pd at whatever stage they may be at, I hope I am right there. We all learn from one another and this is where pwp's and family members who have coped with this condition for several years can help new pwp's.
Everyone should feel secure in that they can express their feelings and hopefully will get the information and support they need,we all have days when things seem really bad and then the next day it doesn't seem so bad.
Like you we have made many friends because of pd and they have become lifelong ones whom you can rely on for understanding over many years and the many changes pd brings after all we are all in this together.
best wishes